Help with Armoring GS values not lining up?

I need help

I have a full Armorers Set which is +10
I have 2 Minor Armoring Trophies + 3 each is +6
I have 1 Basic Armoring Trophy which is +4
I have The Armor earrings which is +5
Food +15 min and max

The town buff is currently ACTIVE for a +5 minimum

But my GS making item is showing 585-600

Am i missing something??

Congratulations! :partying_face:

It should be 592 shoudnt it??

No you are not. From my experience, the town project works but it does not show in the GS calculations. I have the exact same set up as you and I have never made a piece below 590, even though it displays 585 - 600 as well.

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Ok. so i should be either 591 or 592 min right?

No, you should be at 590 - 600. Only the +5 town project is hidden. Go back and run the math of the numbers you posted and add 45 (+15 for each mat) and it will come to 590. Or just add the +5 hidden town project to the 585.

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Thank you

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