[Help with testing needed] New World Guide is back with the latest data from the update planned for the 18th of October!

New World Guide is back! We updated all data to match the upcoming update but there are still some issues here and there. Please, help us to find them so we can fix all of them before the long-awaited update is rolled out

Thanks in advance!

Have you never heard of and never used New World Guide before?

Have a look into our subreddit

Or check those Reddit posts!


Site is back to life with such a long-awaited update!!!

NWDB does everything this site does and better.

We became public just one month after nwdb became public
We know perfectly weak and strong sides of each other

And nwdb doesn’t have such important things as Crafting Calculator, (Luck) Drop chance calculator, and many other things. While at the same time nwdb has, for example, clear information on which item drops from which boss.

We have been out of business since the war in Ukraine erupted. But even after half of the year, there are a lot of instruments presented in New World Guide which are not available on nwdb. So, please, check our reddit posts or New World Guide itself. Maybe you will change your mind :wink:

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And yes, feel free to post any kind of criticism/bugs. It has been just a bit over a week since we are back to the game. And we plan to continue with the same competitive attitude as we worked before launch data, on launch day and every day after :wink:

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@Skyelighter no reply?

Also, all the latest updates about the website are available on our subreddit

Check this link nwguide (reddit.com)

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Here is a fishing guide https://newworldfishingguide.com/

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