Herb boxes and gardens

Hello AGS,

Returning player here. Took 4 month break but I’m excited by recent changes, PTR, and roadmap. The expositions and OPR and arenas are great. Having fun. The surprise music system is actually really cool looking and got me and the fam talking… yeah my whole fam plays! Wife, son, daughter, and I.

Anyway… it’d be really cool if the housing system would offer something like herb boxes or small gardens. Could be just cool feeling to harvest your tomatoes or onions or whatever on a daily/weekly basis.

I realize this isn’t an amazing end game suggestion, but maybe someone out there will agree :slight_smile:

Appreciate ya’ll!


Great suggestion Babel, I’ll go ahead and forward it up to the Dev team. Take care!

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I do, I think it would be great…and if you had an implementation where small houses had window boxes or small inside table/hanging gardens and large houses with yards could have bigger plots it might incent people to splurge on large houses.


+1 for this. Would love a gardening aspect to the game.


That’d be cool!!

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I made a similar post about this. I wanna garden and get more utility out of my house and property. I’m thinking of composting also. Take water, charcoal, and dirt/saltpeter, to fertilize or boost garden plant production. It could be on a half-life timer?

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