Here’s what Amazon missed when creating New World

They clearly underestimated how many sweaty nerds would hit 60 and be climbing the 600 gear score ladder so quickly.

A lot of time and detail was put into things that we all pretty much skipped through… side quests, weapons and armor that are not end game, mid tier zones, mid tier mats… etc.

Sweat Lords have pushed End Game content in under a month, and that’s the content / balancing, that was not focused on. Perhaps it’s time for MMO’s to recognize… we want the grind to get to Cap… but the current META of online games isn’t an immersive 1-59 experience… it’s End Game ASAP. I mean, people take week vacations to sweat out max level in under a week.

This game wasn’t ready for end game, and sweaty nerds have broken it. :joy::rofl::nerd_face:

I do not agree. They put absolutely no details into side quests, weapons and armor. That’s why everything feels copy pasted.

That mid tier mats are useless is not the fault of the players either.

On top of that the game just offers barely any endgame content. All you do is grind grind grind to get your watermark up. This is another fault on Amazon’s side: launching an MMORPG without any mentionable endgame PvE content.

I really wouldn’t blame players here, they knew about these issues one year ago. They knew all of this. And yet they chose to do nothing - is that really the fault of the players?

A lot of players who are leaving didn’t even reach 60 before they stopped play, myself included. I knew already that there weren’t any end game so I decided to enjoy the journey instead.

But the journey was frightfully boring. And the story is frightfully dull and poorly made, while the side quest ends up with “run to X and kill Y” which I’ve done in WoW for the last 16 years.

I believe you are wrong in terms of end game. Since the game is based around territory control and PvP. There is plenty to do. Ive been 60 for a while and still have tons to work on. Its not WoW and needs constant raids and crap. They are fine and all but this is NW. Not WoW, not FF or any other mmo

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