Here is some feedback on my journey so far, not unlike what some have experienced

From customer service experiences, to the wtf moments regarding game direction and AGS staff choices in this game, to losing thousands in gold in a number of ways and the lack of even the simplest quality of life game mechanics being left out. My picks for a very rocky adventure so far.

  1. Losing gold from the Trade house. That is a fiasco all it’s own and all I can do is accept AGS will do nothing. Plenty of people are feeling this too.

  2. A personal hate regarding this game…Converting refining mats. The conversion cost is simply ignorant in concept and execution. A person takes low or high tier refining material and converts them over to another type, the concept is great since it uses items from the faction store costing valuable tokens, and A lot of them. The cost involves losing a large portion of the converted material, AND costs huge amounts of the material to convert, so far, that is two penalties.

But it gets better, apparently the AGS staff decided to attach this to the tax system in towns and make the cost the same as crafting tier v top end equipment. So converting refining materials ALSO costs hundreds of gold per conversion. That is four heavy penalties, the cost of the converters themselves, the loss of material in conversion, the amount of material needed per conversion, and the insanely stupid gold cost.

There was a bug I reported regarding refining and going straight into crafting, with no response from AGS after a forum mod said it was escalated. The bug took the cost of changing the mats and applied it to the actual crafting if a person went right into crafting and did not exit the station first and re-enter. Nothing was replied to and I was not compensated for the thousands in gold I had lost before catching this. Likely many thousands of players lost gold too as it “mysteriously” vanished.

I know more than a few people have reported gold going missing mysteriously, if you converted, then crafted, or simply converted, you lost massive amounts of gold. And there has been no reply from AGS regarding the ignorantly high costs involved or lost funds. Player comments stating it was simply tax were likely the owners of towns enjoying the stupid amount of income.

  1. Repair costs for gear are another gold sink that is out of control. Coupled with gear in the backpack taking damage, especially when folks have several sets for differing situations…it is untenable.

  2. Gold earned and AGS metrics/analytics are really out of touch with the game. AGS seems to think that gold income and output is fine and even goes so far as to state in writing they do not want players accumulating wealth, like WTF? That boat sailed with all the exploits and duplication and the currently destroyed economy, one based on telemetry/analytics/data taken during the exploit and duplication period, plus, we simply cannot trust the AGS staff with all that has been going on.

4.1 Thank god the AGS staff addressed and communicated the massive milk and honey gut of 2021 as this issue was TOP priority.

  1. Player controlled taxes and housing taxes. The most poorly thought out game mechanic around. Complaints to the AGS staff fall on deaf ears. Developers stating things should be difficult in game need to find a new line of work in my “opinion”

There is a disconnect between the meaning of challenge and difficulty with the AGS staff…in my opinion. The AGS staff also needs a refresher on what the term “FUN” means in relation to a game.

It is FUN for the AGS staff to make millions in cash on game sales and little to no support constantly stating they cannot do anything, it is not FUN to be on the receiving end of that thought process.

  1. Customer support. What to say about the customer support…it is garbage. New World uses the box store customer support, is outsourced, is untrained, does not have any tools to help customers because AGS does not trust it’s own customer support, and they lie. Many people have posted replies and screenshots, it should be an embarrassment to the AGS, seemingly it is not.

To any mod or AGS staff that tries to contradict the lie statement above…I have not posted customer support replies regarding my own “customer support” out of respect for my time with Amazon, but clearly it is getting to the point that the abysmal service after the sale is a mess of outsourced, untrained, poorly equipped persons incapable of helping with the most mundane of game issues, such as replacing lost items or providing compensation due to obvious AGS staff errors in the game.

Customer support should be region locked and have highly trained personnel with the tools needed to help customers, instead, we have a ball of tangled string and untrained and unequipped people tossing it back and forth seeing how many times they can drop the ball and tangle it even more.

  1. I really question the leadership in the game and the design choices being made. At one point in time I had the power to withhold funds if the developing subcontractor did not do what I told them to do with feedback from the customers and SME input, I wish I could do that now in this game.

I enjoy a rollercoaster ride barreling downhill, hitting sharp turns, and not knowing what surprises will come next as much as the next person, still, at some point it is going to be too much to continually see the AGS staff laughing wildly from the ground tossing levers left and right and pointing without a care as we consumers on the ride question what they are doing.

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