Here we go, again

@Luxendra the lack of comunication is not better than 2 months ago.

This is going to be frustrating and intollerable.

Please do something, this problem is causing a big los of players.

We de and only comunication and not promises.

Yup again just communicate that’s all we ask for! How hard is it to just tell us either A a date that you stick with and give us the server down time 24 hours before or it goes down or B when you realize the day before the patch is suppose to roll out that your not able to release it on time to just make a simple post stating this and when it will be moved to. It’s like rocket science to them but then again……

my my … how can i resist you?

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The patch will come out eventually. Thing will be broken, as usual. No need to stress about it. Just chop some trees.


I really hope they don’t push it out right before christmas. We will likely have the same issues like many times before. Rushed content, probably trading post shut down (because at this time this is a feature with new patches/content), features not working, no time to fix since holidays.
Lets hope for the best, yet again. :slight_smile:

It says right on the top of the forums:

We are experiencing general issues with the characters after maintenance and server merges.

Our technical team is already aware of the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience for the time being while we solve this issue

The detail here is terrific! :crazy_face: I can read their minds when they use the word " general ", can’t everyone else?

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