Here's how broken Azoth is atm

They dont, because a direct flight from A to B is allways more expensive than one with stopovers.
They maybe dont want you to port great distancies and made it more expensive.
Why get upset?

Ummm what? Spirit shrine → spirit shrine → spirit shrine encourages to go to more places?

This is like you taking a Frankfurt - Tokyo flight, but you decide on airport stopovers in Vienna, Istanbul and Beijing to go to more places. It’s just an airport mate. Take the direct flight.

Yeah I noticed this early on. I assume it is to do with escalating weight cost with distance. When I have no weight there is basically no benefit to multi hopping, but when I am penalised for weight it appears to be exponential in relation to distance, so multi hops becomes much cheaper alternative.
Not sure it is a worthwhile complication, but I don’t have an issue with it - kind of like buying a plane/train ticket from A-B can cost more (even with stops) than buying a ticket A-D then D-B. Course, I find that annoying in real life too, so wouldn’t say no to it changing here.

It doesn’t force you to explore. It nudges? If you ignore the nudges then that’s your prerogative. But maybe that’s not the intention at all and is related to something totally different.

Sorry, it nudges me to explore a settlement I have been to 50 times? You know you can only port to shrines you have already been to, which you have already discovered?

I really don’t understand how this is an argument of yours. Aren’t you confusing here something, e.g. the need to discover the shrine for the first time?

This is tiring, you’re an incredibly hostile person. Anything I might say will just lead to some other thing you’re going to attack. Im out.

You can’t explain your own argument, and if questioned you call me hostile.

If you want to cop out then do it and stop discussing, but instead you make another post insulting me.

Same. The system is not broken. I always have over 500 Azoth and fast traveling all the time. It is also by design that Azoth has some worth…Play the game, upgrade your character and you will have endless azoth…

Also fight with you faction for territories…you will have max azoth all the time. Enter a decent guild with nice people and use the features that the game offers. MMOs are social games…

its bad.
And the worst thing is the cooldown for recalling, house and inn.

Dear Amazon, running ≠ immersion.

Those numbers should match… for you only. I don’t see a single reason WHY they should match. You want to go straight from A to B, costs you X. Want to go from A to B but stopping at C and D, costs you X/2. Makes complete sense to me. You must never have taken a flight anywhere I presume

The problem with that logic is… its already MORE expensive to take the direct flight, AND they add a Distance penalty on TOP of that.

That’s why they dont match. They’re already penalizing you for taking the direct route, THEN they pile on MORE EXTRA penalties for no real obvious reason. The system is broken and needs addressed.

No. You need to look again. I literally provide proof. Its in plain english in photos.

The “Distance” penalty is 100 Azoth. THATS the “penalty” you are referencing with your direct flight comment.

Now… if we SUBTRACT that 100 Azoth from the Direct Flight for its “Distance”… the 2 numbers SHOULD match. They dont. They arent even close.

The PENALTY is added Twice. THATS whats wrong here.

You mean the House I own in Windsward, or the House I own in Ebonscale Reach?

Which house would you be referring too?

Housing is 100% irrelevant. This is basic math. The numbers arent adding up in any logical way. Thats it. Simple. Easy.

Creating reasons as to why this is ok… isnt ok. Its wrong. The math should be plain and easy to understand for every player. Its that simple.

maybe he doesnt want to play a walking simulator

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IF the numbers I literally posted pictures of “add up fine” to you… (ya know… the pictures that CLEARLY show I own a house… leading me to believe you ran in and just spouted off without actually reading a single post.)

You need to get WAY better at basic math skills. Like… ALOT better… like… “dear god you cant possibly be serious” better.

A direct flight always costs more than a flight with stops and layovers, if you wanted to argue it.

You’re paying for convenience.

I hardly doubt this was intended by Amazon Games, probably just something completely over looked by them.

again… read the thread. This comment has already been made 20 times, and everytime the answer is the same.

Even removing the direct “Distance” penalty, the numbers are still way way waaay off.

Thank you

Sure, let me say it again.