Here's my silly stupid reason I'm done with NW

I, like many others, have moved on to other less buggy games. I got my expertise to 620 average at laz, skipped the terrible dynasty week, and haven’t tried genesis mutations yet. HOWEVER, I still enjoy logging in and messing around with the house decorating and trying to collect rare items for it. I even spent another 5 bucks to put me up to 20k coins and got the valentines day pack to add. I figured I would still take some time and say hi to people and enjoy what I could and I was having a good time doing so.

Until this morning.

Since the last patch it seems they have removed the town contribution gain for crafting. Thats ok, I just did some town board missions to increase it. I noticed that when you log back in it gives you a running tally of what your points should be (town rep gain x decoration points) and at midnight last night I was up to over a million points, so I logged out thinking cool I’ll have my house on display again (the true endgame!)

Logged in this morning to find that not only did I only have 1700 points (instead of the 1.1mil I should have had) on the new ranking board, but also even though my 1700 was still higher than many others, it still wasn’t on the top 20 list, despite being what should have been 5th place. This is the 2nd time in a row this has happened now. Seriously, WTF?

Now I know this is a really dumb reason to call it quits but it seems like no matter how hard they try, every action the developers do with this engine they were forced to work with seems to break more stuff. And with this ‘housing’ issue being what I’m sure is very low on the priority list (as it should be, there’s ALOT more pressing issues that still need addressing) I doubt it will get fixed any time in the foreseeable future. Therefore, I don’t have any reasons left to play for the foreseeable future.

TLDR: Goodbye, I’m leaving for a silly reason and hoping they FFXIV this thing using the Unreal engine next time.


I think I saw your house

Even just ESO’ing this game would be satisfying.


It’s not. It’s a game and everyone is allowed to play it how they like. Some like to run the same dungeon 50 times, some decorate their house. Nothing wrong with that.


Whether you PvP, PvE, life skill or decorate housing, they facilitated something, advertised it promised it and fucked it over for you.

Other than ‘join the club, it consists of everyone that does every other content’ all I can see is, you’ve got a valid reason to go.

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You know this is a server issue which is not written in a game engine. But hey if that makes your boat float you can try some Unreal MMORPG’s that are notorious for masses of issues when it comes to large scale player bases.

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it’s not silly. you are just tired and frustrated of having all your accomplishments nerfed for no apparent reason other than incompetence.

Since the last patch it seems they have removed the town contribution gain for crafting.

crafters pay tax so they are entitled to town contribution points.

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anyone else find it so incredibly easy to spot the WoW players?

Anyone else find it so incredibly easy to spot the denialists?

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You sound like a person that would try to get a horse kicking into your face to remove a bad tooth.

Where do you think server issues come from? Each server has at most a few hundred players down from thousands and stability is somehow worse than ever. The problem is either in the engine or game code. The game is hosted on Amazon (AWS) which can handle much more throughput than new world sees (Lost Ark for example), and should mean AGS has first class support on any issues that are outside their own making.

A engine is client side, not server side. The game right now has 3 major flaws (technically)

  • The Server software (written in plain C++ or C#) isn’t able to handle more then X amount of players without major desync, why that is, i can’t know. But usually all server software is written this way and that AGS did bad shows bad code.
  • The Server enviroments (maybe) are not powerfull enough, or maybe they never accomidated for changed performance of the server software. Since a server gets a specific amount of hardware and vertical scaling (adding more hardware) isn’t necessarily part of the code.
  • The Client has horrible shaders, it’s the main bottleneck according to render doc which is a software to find issues with rendering and render performance.

The engine, is not the bottleneck here, and people should not make it out to be the cause of this. The code is written in C++ and with the same patterns as you did for cry engine. So people should be educated and have enough material to work with this engine. BUT fresh developers will most likely not, it’s a issue of the industry where the lowered barrier of entry introduced a lot of new developers with no exprience and lacking knowledge.

Generally again having UE5 in there and students & fresh devs that only know blueprints will create a even worse mess then it’s currently the case. UE is mostly used for prototyping in the industry because it’s fast but they rarely use it for production games unless it’s indy since the performance drops very quickly when wrongly used. And you guessed it without experience this WILL happen.

tl;dr the server software is shit, and amazon developers are most likely morons who just finished a few mobile games in their life and can’t handle AAA MMORPG standards. Some parts are well written but the people who did that code are most likely long gone.


Housing, like everything else, is bugged/broken. It is sad and frustrating. I only hope that AGS can get their act together…quickly.

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I’m having a blast on No Man’s sky while they figure out how to fix the mess they did here. I would start by making joining faction optional and not an obligation.

If you want your house to be number one , the only thing you need to concern yourself with is town boards, that’s the number one way to get points , not crafting , not portals , not decorations just town boards

Thats me with fishing. Ill be back in 2032 if the games around cause thats how long they will take to fix fishing.

Pardon my ignorance but what’s the issue with fishing? I’ve only leveled to 73ish so long way to go before max. Only issue I’ve had is how boring it is LOL

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Well, it’s really not a silly reason considering you can’t do the things you want (which is what we were promised)

I personally feel that we all came to New World with one goal in mind, all quite different. The reason why people leave is mainly because they don’t feel that their time and effort is valued in this game and that makes their goals more difficult to achieve (even impossible in some cases).

Maybe one day they will change this CX

And that is the biggest issue. Respecting player’s time.

Yeah the problem is everyone wants to play the game slightly differently and AGS struggle with finesse and nuance.

I should work in sales.