Here's my silly stupid reason I'm done with NW

Housing is so stupid, i dont know why they have territory standing in formula.

My girlfriend was first to buy a house in windsword and first to decore it with oil and iron lanterns(I dont know names I dont do housing).

And now when she logs she is like not even in top 20 because she forgot to pay and did 0 territory standing.

This is so stupid, like solution remove the territory standing and make points to reapply when you pay taxes.
Like this players who have nice houses, will try to buy and craft better tables, chairs etc etc.

I had almost 0 house decorations but pushed everfall territory standin in one day from 43 to 49, that made me 1st in the town :smiley: mega stupid system :smiley:

As a day 1 PC launch ESO player, i feel its important to clarify something for anyone reading this - ESO is amazing FOR PVE. Youre correct that ESO is well maintained…FOR PVE. This includes housing.

Although the combat itself in ESO is fantastic, PVP is COMPLETELY neglected. Performance is absolutely trash tier…if you think perdormance in this game is bad, wait till you go into cyrodil in ESO.

Again, just a warning, ESO is amazing for pve, including housing. PVP is last on the priority list for them, years of skills not working properly, atrocious performance have led to a mass exodus of players.

Just have to make that clarification for anyone who is serious about pvp.

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That’s true. If you are a pvp player eso is not for you sadly. It’s 95% a solo mmo. 7

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Agree. Plus ESO is really starting to show its age. I tried going back to it last year but the graphics, visuals and animations are no longer how I remember it when I first played it during its launch. I actually feel New World is like ESO 2.0 hence so far loving it. Just wish we also have more races, but I get the story here is grounded more on realism than the fantasy.

ESO opening cinematics are awesome though. Each expansion’s cinematic trailers are really good and something New World should do more in the future :slight_smile:

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Other than the opening scenes when starting a new character and doing the tutorial, are there even any cutscenes later on in this game? I don’t remember seeing any.

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