Here's one suggestion to the pvp issue

So now we have on one hand people asking for more open world pvp and on the other hand theres people who hate the noob spawncamp and the zerg, so here is a solution in 4 steps that contains balancing and incentive.

  1. Scale stat down when you’re flagged to the max level of the area. For example if ur lv 60 that puts all stat to dex, if u flag in everfall you will only have 75 dex.

  2. Scale down all gear. Scale down the defense, bonus stat, and gem effect to the gear level of max lvl of the area. Now suddenly lv 60 coming to everfall can be fought with just using starstone gear

  3. Add bonus hp when flagged relative to how outnumbered you are vs the most pop faction. For example if ur a solo covenant in everfall flagged, while syndicate have 50 ppl flagged, your hp will be multiplied by 5000% of the base value. Now suddenly youre like a world raid boss for the enemy to kill. While if marauder have 20 ppl flagged? All of the marauders flagged will be 250% of base value while syndicate all is in base value. This is zone relative. Now being zerged as a newbie makes u feel like a god with ten thousands of HP without even speccing con.

  4. Add bonus exp for all trade skills while flagged. Boom suddenly theres a reason to flag. Also add small gold on enemy kill relative to how much it cost to repair the damage of max lv gear for the zone. Now lv 60s would actually need to buy low level gears cos they only gain that much if they breakeven kill 1 person and died. Making low level crafted gear viable again

Now what do you guys think?

I do not like the scaling idea at all,.since it would remove all of the 1v1 fights and very much caters to group pvp. Also i completely makes the progression feel out of whack simce it keeps gping back and forth.

It also does not make sence from a lore.perspective - why would geographical location make me scale upwards or downwards doefferently than my fellow players?

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Or get an extra 10% in gold from mobs, harvesting, logging, (etc…) while flagged as PvP.

Gold would be the only incentive in this game.


There is no pvp issue.



PVPers can already freely engage with other PVPers.

There is no issue, but it can be improved. I do think they should add incentives to flagging up. Not just the 10% xp boost. As that becomes meaningless at lv60. Add extra recourse gains. Add a leaderboard. Add titles you gain from getting x amount of kills or kill streaks. This adds more to the PvP experience while not taking away from pve at all.


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