Heres some negative feedback for yals elite difficulty increase

Farley in Skysong crypt is pure fucking ridiculous now hes gota well over 150k HP yet hes taking 35% of my bar on a single hit that cant even be interupted wrecking blow aint CCing him for shit

He hits me thru shockwave what loot is he dropping now to justify these changes now im curious?

Has anyone even killed him to confirm the loot is even better?

Theres a difference between making something more challenging and making it just plain fucking dumb and what you amazon have done is made it plain fucking dumb theres no reason that shit needs that much HP be armored and do that kind of damage

This is more of a rant so i expect anyone who piles in this thread to tell me to git gud or w/e the meme is now

Hes not even 60 gold bar elite so what are the chances he even raises watermarks? the server im on doesnt even have the population online to fight something like this and its way beyond soloable imo atleast for someone like me

Id really love for a dev to chime in and justify this dog shit and explain how a boss like that needed to be buffed that much in terms of Damage output Cant be interupted have that much HP and then you gave him Armored ontop of it?

Everything about this concept reeks of if your solo and not a top tier player in straight legendary 600 gearscore then you can get bent then waste your gold on repair bills

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