Here's the Fresh Start Server info everyone's been screaming for

Well the real update is Brimestone, fresh start should be an after thought. They’ve been catering to quitters with these fresh start servers anyway, so it’s good to see them actually take care of the people that actually stuck with the game and kept it afloat long enough to give these freshies a chance to even return.


First time you post and it’s to whinge something is coming out later than you wanted. Poor guy.

Be happy AGS doesn’t turn the car around for you lot and say “no fresh servers, y’all can’t behave”.


In addition to my previous post; Not giving out a 3rd character slot, Just Plain mean and spiteful. A 3rd slot could simply be locked to FS server use only. Now folks have to consider deleting characters that may of took hundreds of hours to level (what universe does this even make sense). I understand your only a multi dollar company but, C’Mon Man it can’t be that hard to do a SQL insert to the db tables and create a 3rd slot. Me thinks you forget how important the ties are to character name for players and their friends list.

But they are giving out a third slot per region

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I’ve not seen that. maybe i was just to focused on the whole 11/2 date that the madness corrupted my cognitive abilities to see that.

If it helps:

That would be fine with me. My reply would simply be not coming back enjoy your 15K global player base (most screwed up launch in history of gaming). Given Blizzards past that is really saying something. I know, “Don’t Play Then” Ok probably won’t then as there are others coming onto the seen that promise to be on par or even bigger. It is all about what is fun and enjoyable.

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To be fair new world has yet to ever have a patch go live and not a bunch of bugs happen. So waiting 2 weeks after brimstone release just means fresh start servers will have the best experience

I haven’t found “in writing from AGS” anything about 3rd slot yet. It is a big forum though so here is to hoping.

posted 5h ago and 1.7k views… yeah EVERYONES been screaming for it…

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Please read that post again and see that it is from a Dev:

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Ok,found the link and yes they do say 3rd slot available. Yeah us for once.

Thank You!

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Why would u wait till nov for fresh starts ? Makes no sense lol
Use the hype you have to bring people back . Lol

My gut reaction was to be bummed, more because I’m very excited for fresh start servers. But it makes perfect sense to wait a couple weeks to ensure a smooth Brimstone launch. Plus fresh start is pointless if Brimstone introduced a bug that couldn’t be found in PTR.

Fair enough to some extent.
We payed full price for a bugged and exploited mess.
Ags are doing us no lucky favors by having it be almost playable 1 year later.
Ill eat my hat if the fresh start servers function correctly nov 2.

As it took longer than everyone thought it would take to get the fresh start servers out. Hopefully in these new servers that will come next November 2, at least 1 server per region with PvP always active will be included.

No server will be PvP flagged.

And here we have it, you guys have moaned continuously about releasing bugged updates and then having to wait for bugs to be quashed, now AGS take all that feedback in and give you what you wanted, a steady release of two major updates with a couple of weeks between the two to catch any bugs that need patching and you are all whining, I never realised there were so many whiney babies in New World, ok, actually I did, I have been watching them on here for the past year