Here's the Fresh Start Server info everyone's been screaming for

Yeah thats why we need a poll to get any kind of numbers lol

Literally never got affected by it. Cope and look forward to new reasons once fresh starts why you’re not able to enjoy the game.

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Whose yall? Can I see these post links and ‘people’ you are referring to?

Per Katy - the dev that seems to be running this. Their goal is to have the transfer lock be a minimum of 6 months, then transfers only from fresh server to fresh server, and never let legacy transfer to the fresh start servers.

Actually yes, because when you see that even in OPR they are using cheats apart from bots, dupe, etc. So it does affect me, especially in a game that is gear based rather than skill based.

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They’ve already stated 6 month minimum. Then only fresh start to fresh start. WIth the potential plans to never allow legacy servers to transfer to fresh start.

Me and thousands of others will be ^.^ actually a majority of the community will be

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If cheats exist on current they will exist on fresh too. And once you do the literal two weeks or less of grinding to get to 625 and you still lose, what will you blame next?


AGAIN wan’t everyone to know i love the fresh start server idea. But i think alot of people have a false fantasy in their heads about it being forever free from legacy server transfers. You have to realize that would be nearly impossible as it would turn legacy servers into beta servers. Fresh Start isn’t a magical land for those that fell behind to become big dogs in their own world. I think pointing this feeling out is why there’s so much backlash lol

They’ve already stated numerous times today that their goal is to never let legacy servers transfer to fresh start servers.

yeah they already confirmed they would rather have other fresh start servers merge than ever have them merge with legacy.

I plan to reroll on the fresh start server when it arrives, to be a part of building a server community again, and to be at the front end of a server population rather than facing nothing but maxed out players with unlimited funds.

See you all on November 2


I’ll be rerolling on fresh server day…

Here’s to hoping i don’t forget about NW until then :slight_smile:

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Why not drop them at the same time then? If its good enough for legacy it should be good enough for a server with no transfers. They have opened plenty of new servers recently, its not like its hard for them or they have to do anything different.

ok so lets assume 4 months from now old servers peak at 10k and new servers at 40k. Do you really expect them to allow transfers because old server players are qqing about it and then antagonize a much bigger community?

Would be hard to do at this point since it’s been announced, but an alternative if you guys were concerned about a smooth release and not release it at the same time, is release it a week or two before the actual launch of Brimstone, would have given time to those who wanted to level to 60 on the fresh servers, not staggering both the fresh start launch and Brimstone launch, and given a chance to enjoy the Halloween event on the new fresh start servers.

It was already hinted in September, not sure why you guys didn’t go that way instead. I’ve never actually played the game since beta, even though I bought it about 2 years ago I think before it even got released. I was just too busy with other stuff. Like many I was excited to start anew on a fresh start server for the revamped leveling experience that seems more fun, from the little I played on the ptr the past week.

Will the ptr still be active until November 2nd? I’ll keep trying things out until I can start, thanks :slight_smile:


They should worry about fixing their game code first!! Three character slots is also a joke!!

Because they want to ensure Brimstone is successful and without issue before launching FSS? Launching both at the same time welcomes potential bugs and exploits on a server meant to provide as smooth of a launch experience compared to the original launch or the newly opened servers that allowed transfers.

Once FSS launch they’ll be running the same as legacy and receive the same treatment with releases and bug fixes. It’s not that hard of a concept.

KEKW :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: