HEY! AGS! ..... Thanks

No seriously. Thank you AGS for walking back some of the changes with expertise and current gear.

I’ve said in other posts that people are going to complain no matter what happens, but allowing us to keep the gear score we acquired before the patch is the best move for the entire player base as a whole.

I appreciate the fact that someone is listening and this goes a long way to retain/create some good will and trust with the players. There was no easy way to implement the expertise system because someone is going to be angered by it but this new course upsets the least amount of people, and is the right thing to do.

I honestly feel like this upcoming is a 9/10 update now. Even though I’m a crafter, I’ll still have to work on my new expertise for some of my pieces, so it’s not like I get to skip content… but the effort I put into the gear I do have isn’t devalued. Good stuff, looking forward to the future of this game.

TBF, I was feeling pretty bummed about the game since the expertise announcements, not at all now.


It’s very much a step in the right direction.

This has always been an issue for AGS since Development. They take a decent idea, Gypsum, it’s a decent idea, but then they go way overboard to the extreme with it, making it a bad idea.

Taking a moment, to breath and dial back and meet at a middle ground is healthier, and as such a good change


I agree.

Also, the idea of taking the average between expertise, and gear score, is brilliant. A new level 60 that gets a 600GS item, instantly has an effective GS of 550! Yes, even though they are still not getting the entire benefit, that is still a huge reward for having high GS items.

No solution will be perfect, but what they came up with is pretty close to perfect, in my opinion.

The Dev team was on the path to getting coal in their Christmas stockings, but now they have earned themselves some candy, and maybe even a couple of nips. :+1:


I think it’s overall a good compromise.

It makes sure that current players aren’t being thrown under by changing a core feature, while insuring crafters a path towards end game. It also with the halved feature gives Myrk farmers the opportunity to still hold a bit over non-crafter players whom haven’t dedicated dozens of hours.

It’s as good a compromise I think we’re going to get.


Ummm … this is what a PTS is for. Previewing patches and giving input before they are finalized for the official servers. Why would they not adjust? Especially after what the primary sources of feedback has stated.

And please, do not ever think the forums are the majority voice … more people use the feedback button (via client menu) than enter the chaotic troll fest these forums have become. It’s like all the insanity that cause the chaos at the beginning of this year all over again (IRL US issues).

It is the reason why I rarely use these forums for any real input. You lot think you are the voice of the game, but in reality, your the same as the ones who claimed Alpha 1 is the way of the future … then trolled the remain of the alpha test after the transition away from alpha 1. No better than Steam or Reddit.

Sorry but not sorry …



The Forums nor Reddit may be the singular voice of the game, but when you pair them with steam etc, it starts to paint a trend.

You cannot completely invalidate either chat boards.


Definitely a step in the right direction. Thanks AGS!


Agreed! Thank you AGS specifically for listening to feedback from those of us that craft our own gear. Having all that work reduced to my WM after the fact was too big a pill to swallow. Now I can still benefit from all my hard work, and have a better WM system too.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Thank you.


I had something typed out to respond to that comment he made, but yours is better. Can’t discount feedback no matter where it comes from. Some of it is bad and unconstructive and some of it isn’t.

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Candy yes, but man, lets keep the booze away from them for the time being, might lose the trading post again for a couple days otherwise.


I don’t. But I do know that the visual discussion boards are a small portion of the influence. Thus the link to the debacle that caused the recent chaos in IRL US history.

Many of you think what you see (discussion boards) is a factual translation of what the majority thinks. That is far from reality.

I whole heartedly agree, now i’m pretty excited for all of the changes! :slight_smile:


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I don’t know, man…it may improve things. :joy: :joy:

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Brimstone Sands! Egypt/Rome zone wen!


This change is a win for wallet warriors and paywin loser, dupers and crybabies who the game was not designed for.

This change will hurt the actual people playing the game. Changing my review to negative I cannot reccomend pay2win games where you can buy your way to the best gear in the game.

Fuck that

Oh. It’s you again. Hey bud! Thanks for stopping by! Void dupers is a different story entirely and I’m glad AGS isn’t punishing the rest of the player base because of other bad actors.

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I mean, you’re literally bringing up grievances that nearly every MMO encounters. I’ve never seen or played an MMO that didn’t have illegal RMT. Your view is incredibly narrow. I’m sure some dupers got a way and I’m sure some RMT people got away too. I’m also sure, no system is going to ever be perfect, but no one is being punished from this update and that’s what matters. AGS aren’t the ones offering P2W mechanics so… not sure why you’re upset.


I see your back to bullying others is your sadistic ways.