Hey devs - there is an extra digit in skinning aptitude xp required

No further info needed. You have an extra digit or an extra 0 in the skinning xp required to level up skinning aptitude. Just look at XP needed for next level for Harvesting, Mining, and Logging as compared to Skinning. Please update next patch. :slight_smile:

I would be like Skinning aptitude 300 if it’s true . I think Skinning exp is fine , you get it by having easier Leatherworking aptitude box than any other refining

That argument is seriously flawed - skinning xp is far higher compared to everything else - the scaling for aptitude is actually balanced well in that regard compared to other skills and the effort required.

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level 60 bears in ebonscale mountains bottom left give 2600 skinning xp each and are great for aptitude chests.

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