Hey PvP guilds here an idea

With this PvP players vs pve player bs going on.
I would like to petition all PvP guilds on servers to take all towns and set there taxes to max. If a town not max taxes seige it and set taxes to max.
Either pve player will decide they need to PvP to get cheaper taxes or PvP guilds will be raining in gold :wink: lol

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haha… have fun being on a dead server where people just left or stoped playing then.
High taxes also hurt pvp people you know.

Fun fact U just transfer and don’t it again.

It turns out pve players realy need the PvP players to play nice it seems

Yeaaa sounds good doesnt work, first you gotta gather 150 active ppl from all 3 factions. Thats half the server ACTIVE pop and u need to convince them that they will be taxed ultra high so their governor can get rich

Yeaaaaa not gonna happen. You may pass it on one city but watch as even ur faction wont defend it

Boo just need the PvP guild clearly pve players don’t wanna do any kinda of PvP so either they get forced to participate in PvP to take a town back or the 10 PvP guys that sign up will win since no one signed up on the other side cause they don’t wanna pvp

Yeah i clearly underestimate the capacity of people to have logic.

How about this, do it on your server and update us how it goes

One guild kinda did already before transfering off they made 1-3mil in 3 days cause they owned all the popular area

Hi PVP Player here. You’re making us look bad. It’s folks like you why PVE players don’t want to PVP. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Look it up.


This is only happenig cause pve A
Players declared war by training mobs on me harvesting :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds like something an unflagged PVP player would do.

And let me guess, they lost the territory and even their faction doesn’t defend it?

Your plan is not challenging the PvE ppl to pvp. You just want to rake money for yourself and leave server.

And yes the exact term you should call yourself isnt “PvPer” but “exploiter” exploiting the free transfer to ruin a server for few days for personal gain. This is nothing to do with pvp or pve

NAA I was flagged they would attacked if they were even if it involved running back to town and cming back. There a few of them on my server that do it

PVE players are players who never flag, are not interested in Wars or Outpost Rush, and definitely not interested in Open World PVP. There is a reason for that, they just like adventuring through the story and enjoying the leveling experience as well as getting new Armor & weapons. they are not interested in Player VS Player activities.

Again, what you encountered was an unflagged PVP player as training MOBs onto another player is an act of PVP that PVE players are completely uninterested in.

You’ll be surprised alot of them like antagonizing people and ninja looting. Pve and PvP players are not that different when it comes to personality wise they just enjoy doing it a different way. Pve players like to ninja resources before somone else gets to it to get there kick where PvP rather kill the guy and take it instead. Henced the mob training to get resources that slowly becoming more prevalent

No not really, we just go to a different town to craft and not pay our house tax.

That’s why you take them all max taxes or don’t pay upkeep till they decay to tier 1

Good luck with that!

Not hard task tbh if couple guild wanted too :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you don’t play much do you?

Have fun trying to take over all the territories and run a deficit. How you gonna decare war with a neg treasury? How you gonna defend with no income?

You underestimated PvP players when they want something.
Step One : diplomacy one or two other companies with PvP goal in mind. (Optional just make it easier) doesn’t need to be same facrion
Step two : take a central town tbh U probaly already have one if your a PvP guild.
Step three keep seiging anyone without capped taxes and town taken don’t pay upkeep and let it decay down to T1 so even if you loose it you gave time to take it back if they build it up again.
Step four : watch pve player either learn to PvP to take backtowns or leave server cause therw not resilient.
Step 5 transfer and repeat until Feb be like hmmthis us a problem and finally gives us a PvP server so we can play the game how it was originally designed to be plsyed