Hidden Event Fishing Nerf last patch!

My avarage numbers…

Before the patch:
10 Small fish : 30 Rare 4 Epic
10 Medium fish : 50 Rare 14 Epic 2 Legendary
10 Large fish : 100 Rare 38 Epic 4 Legendary

After the patch:
10 Small fish : 30 Rare
10 Medium fish : 50 Rare 8 Epic
10 Large fish : 100 Rare 20 Epic 2 Legendary

So disappointing.
Im thinking about just leave.

If anyone is getting confused, he’s talking about the salvaging results from it which are the fillets, scales and the bone.

Haven’t tried this so Idk if this is RNG or an actualy nerf.

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I think I’ve seen enough people post about it to think it’s less RNG and more of a silent nerf. Although it’s a tough balance as you don’t want to flood the game with tokens given 600GS and other items exist which can directly impact the economy a bit.

It just sucks when you see things like this pretty frequently where it’s another example of people that engage with content early and grind hard get much further ahead than others.


It hurts me because i thought i collect every skin and one piece from each pattern from the event shop and now it seems AGS made a full time job to me again…

I am hoping this event lasts for a long time though so we all can get everything is we wish to do so.

Eyes dilate and falls to the ground seizing after thinking about the Easter event rabbit chest


Oh god please no, I have saved up about 135 fish rn (45 small, 60 medium and 30 large) I don’t want my returns to be less than what I used to have.

Well guys i gave up. 30 hours of fishing was acceptable for me to get items but with the ugly hidden nerf its about 80 hours now. I cant do it. Maybe im just to busy to play NW it seems we need ot play 2-3 hours everyday to get the things. I feel myself like a donkey and AGS pull the carrots in fornt of my nose…

I think it’s just RNG. Having done a lot of fishing sometimes I get a lot of legendary and sometimes I don’t. In the past week I have had two large fish translate to two legendaries and I’ve had 9 translate to none.

Thanks for bringing that up. I just cried uncontrollably :wink:

It was definitely a stealth nerf.

Not just quality of salvages, but also frequency of fish sizes. Smalls are way more common now and larges are significantly less common.

Classic AGS patch cycle: New patch = exploit early and often before things gets nerfed.

(Note: The term “exploit” does not always need to mean abusing bugs, which it seems to have become synonymous with here.)

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None of the loot tables have changed since the release of the summer event.

There hasn’t been any nerfs, buffs, or otherwise. The odds are exactly the same as they have been since the beginning of the PTR cycle.

Large sturgeons have a 100% chance to yield 10 filets, 2-3 scales, and a 25% chance to yield a fishbone.

Mediums give 5 filets, 1 scale, and a 10% chances at a fishbone.

Smalls give 3 filets and have a 50% chance to yield a scale.

The odds of catching fish at hotspot, with regular bait and a regular rod are as follows:

30% caches
30% small fish
25% medium fish
15% large fish.

Max luck, which is the t5 event pole, + maudlinbug bait at a hotspot, changes those odds to this:

42.86% small fish
35.71% medium fish
21.43% Large fish.

Maudlinbug bait at non hotpspots:

45% garbage
20% caches
20% small fish
20% medium fish
5% large fish.

With the T5 pole:

35% garbage
22.22% caches
22.22% small fish
22.22% medium fish
5.55% large fish.


I tested it 2 times here are the results. It’s completely RNG

10 small fish 30 Rare 6 Epic 0 Legendary
10 medium fish 50 Rare 10 Epic 0 Legendary
10 large fish 100 Rare 24 Epic 1 Legendary

10 small fish 30 Rare 5 Epic 0 Legendary
10 medium fish 50 Rare 10 Epic 0 Legendary
10 large fish 100 Rare 25 Epic 7 Legendary


Thanks for this breakdown. I spent 30K on fishing gear trying to catch only large event fish. Noticed a huge difference in my catch rate when I bought the T5 event pole.

yep, none of the regular fishing gear has any effect on the fishing event. Which is kind of a big drag for people who have actuallly put time and effort into fishing.

I assumed that size related things would affect the rate of getting bigger fish.

Sure seems like it should, but the size tables and summer tables have different tags.

Even the event food doesn’t work.

How very confusing.
Do you have any of this posted publicly? I’d love to check a github of this patches stuff.

Sure: GitHub - new-world-tools/datasheets-json is the repo thats usually kept up to date.

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rng u know what that is ?

u wont complain if u get 7 bones in a row tho or :smiley:

Someone doesn’t understand RNG

You won’t be able to repeat the same results everytime lol.

Your numbers aren’t significantly different. To get an accurate potential nerf, you’d have to do thousands pre and post patch.