Hidden mechanic?! This one gonna ruin the whole game

This exploit is running loose on Hy-Brasil. The Marauders on our server have been using it to push everything into conflict with just 10 to 15 of them at a time.

This is seriously screwed up when the actions of a dozen require the counter actions of over a HUNDRED people to balance it out.


So whats the deal Amazon? Nothing from you or the Forum mods for 3 days … Is this normal behavior?? STOP LEAVING US IN THE DARK!!!

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Im stating facts. Not sure what’s so sus about imploring people to be specific and not paint a broad category that isn’t applicable .

We’ve been running teams of 5 to 20 all day long on Theleme, against 2 people (both of whom have been reported)… and we’re losing ground despite having the tower…

Our faction has 2 towns, the two people are from a faction with 5 - so they’re not getting a handicap buff, and clearly neither are we.

This exploit has got to be patched.


The main guy running this exploit against us on our server even made a YouTube video showing off what he’s doing, and has been doing ALL DAY LONG:

Despite the title of his video, this dude’s been repeating this all day, so he knows he’s using an exploit, and he’s keeping at it.

It’s been a few hours since we reported him, and he’s still going at it.

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Hi everyone!

The functionality you’re describing here is intended. The game behaves this way to ensure wars occur frequently, as well as to create regular opportunities for underdog Factions to battle a dominating power.

While it is important to run PvP missions as the Controlling Faction of a Territory, you can only stave off the inevitable for so long until eventually, you’ll have to test your mettle against an opposing army.

From a design perspective, we want wars to occur. They’re fun, they create social tension and excitement, and they give large groups of players the opportunity to work together towards a goal. It also evens the playing field on a fundamental level: regardless of how many total people are in a given Faction, a war is between two armies of 50.

Over time, it gets easier for Companies in the Factions that do not control a Territory to generate Influence and push that Territory into Conflict to enable a War Declaration.
The mechanism that adjusts the Influence contributions does not happen immediately. There is a grace period after a war where all efforts are equal, after which Influence contributions begin increasing over time for the Factions that are vying to take control of the Territory.

We know that these mechanics aren’t very clear, and we’re discussing ways to make them clearer in the future. At this time I don’t have an ETA for that change because it will be prioritized against other, potentially more critical changes, updates, and fixes.

Thanks for highlighting this as a point of confusion for the system. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to improve New World going forward!

See you in Aeternum!


Thanks for the explanation but this system still seems kind of broken and exploitable to a degree. From your description, it sounds like companies can just split up into smaller companies and build up this “ability to declare war quicker” and then rush several settlements at once with their smaller sub-companies. I don’t think you should have a system that promotes fragmenting guilds to abuse it… (I could be misunderstanding what you stated though)

After developer response, it seems that company size does not matter. PvP faction missions grow in Influence Value over time

On Yggdrasil we have a 3/4/4 split for the territories and are still experiencing incredibly fast conflict generation. This does not seem to be a case where the faction doesn’t own much territory and is getting increased influence for it.


You may have a design in place with INTENDED effects, however what I personally WITNESSED myself last night, is in NO WAY working at intended.

Mictlan server - Monarch’s Bluff region, owned by Cov faction guild Silent Onslaught.

11:30 PM EST - Monarch’s Bluff 40% purple influence, YET NO ONE IS SEEING ANY PURPLE IN THE ZONE DOING ANY PVP QUESTS!
11:50 PM EST - Monarch’s Bluff 70% purple influence, NO PURPLES ANYWHERE.
12:20 AM EST - Monarch’s Bluff, 70% and I AM STANDING NEXT TO PURPLE FACTION NPC… 3 guys named Fahad, Amadeus Vrenn, Extranos of Pandamonium (sp) guild show up at the NPC. They stand around the NPC for about 2-3 minutes, I am constantly checking the influence… still at 70%. Then it INSTANTLY goes from 70% to MAX in ONE second. JUST 3 guys at the NPC. They could have turned in a MAX of 6 PvP quests, as they were NOT doing the kill quest, we had people there looking.

Summary. Your system is broken. There is no way, THREE players should be able to turn in 6 quests and that be enough influence to take a zone from 70% to 100%+++

You may have intentions, but there is clearly an exploit in the works, or one of your values are OFF, check your decimals… check your decimals!


To further clarify: This affects individual turn-ins and it isn’t based on the number of companies that are doing the turn-ins.

Essentially, the PvP Faction Missions grow in Influence Value over time. Their relative value between each other is the same (which is why we denote them with + vs. ++ vs. +++) but the actual value of the mission turn-in goes up over time.


Thanks for the clarification on the influence growth over time. I will say - the wars being more frequent is a good thing. I guess it just kind of feels a little poor for those guilds which put up the 100K to be under immediate siege of those putting up 7-15k despite wanting to actively combat influence generation in the area. Not the end of the world, its only a little coin and they still have to win the war :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to edit my original response to your post to indicate my understanding was not clear.

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Unfortunate. I played Muspelheim on last Beta and decided to swap on release due to Syndicate faction being so toxic. Hopefully this gets fixed relatively soon because it’s ruining the game. :upside_down_face:

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Essentially, you are stating the scaling is so unlimited and extreme that ONE PLAYER could eventually turn in ONE QUEST and it would take a zone from 0% to 100%? That IS what you are saying. I think the hundreds of owning territory players that participate in building and controlling a region feel that would be ridiculous.

So what happened last night? Are you telling me 3 players, turned in 6 quests total between the three of them, and that was enough influence to take a territory from 70% to 100%? WHY even bother doing the PvP quests at all then? Just sit back and wait a few days, then send in 1 guy and do 1 quest and start the war.


While I think the influence scaling likely needs to be looked at as you make a GREAT point but there is still value to running pvp missions. (PvP opportunity + Tokens). Also - a big guild may want to go to war for a territory that was recently taken from them.

We’ve seen a solo individual run up the board despite us using a team of up to 20 people spam running against him…

THAT is intended???


There is no way this is working as intended. 1-3 guys should NOT be able to overwhelm the efforts of 30-40 other people counter questing against them. If that is the case, then no one is going to ever bother counter questing, as it would be futile.


Honestly I see only two ways to respond to this:

intentionally break any alliance you own faction tries to make, because alliances are self destructive.


Turn off PvP, and ignore the whole [bleep]-show, play out the PvE side of the game until it’s no longer fun, but avoid investing in anything that helps upgrade any community because screw community now, and then go back to some less screwed up MMO.


So what you’re saying is you’ve designed a terrible system that isn’t only unenjoyable but also shows people should just boycott even throwing 100k into owning territory because it could slip through their hands in a matter of seconds?

Suprised you’re not embaressed even writing this response.


We don’t know the root cause neither the trigger for that yet.

Why you calling it an exploit then?

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So what you’re saying is that the best way to throw a territoy into conflict is to… Not do anything for a few days and wait for the game to decide it’s time for war?

Great way to incentivize world pvp! /s


Alternative, 500 players in faction A, 100 player sin faction B, faction B never gets to start or participate in a siege.

I think this is a very fair system that allows peole to axtually do sieges, otherwise one dominant faction could make it impossible for sieges to ever happen.

You all want to cry that its unfair, maybe try winning a siege defence instead of getting mad that you cannot hold it indefinately with no chances for anyone to take it from you. Defend your stuff.

No good company is going to wait it out for a few days to make a siege start easier, when it took our company 1 hour to take Everfall with influence the day after another company bought it. without these bonuses. It isnt hard.