Hidden server population

Can’t seem to find it anywhere, so im asking it here.

Is there an official explanation to why we can’t see the server populations anymore?

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Because the populations are so huge now they are crashing the world class AWS server calculators.

How could you not know the answer as to why this information is not available? Obviously it doesn’t make AGS look good the servers are dying.

On a serious note, what is the reason to know the exact amount? You can always ask in the forums what server is busy, what servers still have frequent OPRs and so on.


Yes because asking in the forums gives you valid answers… :slight_smile:


I think the answer is pretty obvious

What, you don’t trust everything you read on gaming forums! I am shocked! :slight_smile:

By some of the threads here, it seems even the busier servers are starting to buckle with lesser real people (non-bots) playing. I know my main is, which is Ohonoo.

Well, the mods say they strive for transparency.

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Well thats my main reason for asking. I am playing on one of the top 3 populatet servers and it seems pretty empty, so if i was looking for server transfer (when it opens) i want to know what servers are still keeping numbers high

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Disgrace by AGS…disgrace…

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It’s kind of obvious that several servers are dying and showing the numbers just discourages the ones left

Yeah, I’m sure they hid it because the numbers are embarrassing and continue to drop.

let me grab my dreaming-of-a-better-world hat and let’s find what he says: Could be to prevent people who use bots to transfer/create them on high pop servers to gather efficiently nodes.

But even I think the chances for that explanation is very very low.

Funny, that was my original thought. So these parasites (bots) couldn’t move to the last few busy servers.

For your own Safety, the numbers of other players playing with you were hidden. Jk. It’s probably for AGS’s sake or they don’t want people complaining. Notice how posts ‘too negative’ for them are getting deleted while they say negative posts are welcomed :upside_down_face:

But it’s pointless to hide the numbers when we literally see the people logged in our servers. Mine is looking pretty empty. Emptier than the last time we had 300 online, of which 60-100 were Bots.

I highly doubt that there is no monitoring from AGS to see how many people are on the servers. Wouldn’t explain how they select servers to merge

And to be honest, many threads get deleted cause they are purely insulting people/devs. They should delete and ban people for alot less and be more strict.

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bcs 0 transparency by amazon

We are talking about numbers for us to see tho?

That should be obvious, but it’s not all tho?

That was quite gaslighting of you.

Yikes… I hope you are not in charge of anything or anyone. The Authoritarianism is too strong for me. Sorry. I don’t even want to engage with you anymore. Bye. Ignored.

Round 2 mergers coming soon I hope. Then when the last server dies off, they should reopen new ones and make the game free to play. But they need to advertise the shit out of it. Hopefully everything is working by then because going free to play is the last chance they have.

That seems to be the case. They are probably doings tests causing all the Lag that I died 5 mins ago to.

“But not all men…”

But yea, quite gaslighting my sweet twitter warrior.

I didn’t refresh the page and saw yet another trash reply. Jesh what a waste of time