Hide and Seek, anyone?

Ok, this is intended to be just a bit of fun, and in the first part, all the locations should be easily gotten too.

The way this works, I will be {IT} first, and the challenge is to find and duplicate the posted picture, proving that you did indeed find the first spot, whereupon, you become {IT}, and post your own picture. In order to keep things organized, wait till the current {IT} or the thread starter, recognizes you post.

Simple process, and first post, first served.

Additional rules:
Starting off, only rule is that the picture must be taken in a claimable territories settlement, and the settlement’s name must either be in the shot, or in the location description. Please post both day and night shots if possible.

This first entry in from Mourningdale.
It is an easy spot to get to, and (hopefully) easy to recognize.

Edit: For clarity’s sake, you only need to provide day/night for your own challenge location, as a single shot of the previous location is all that is needed.

Let the games begin…


9 hours, and I’m still it?!?! Come on people, there has to be someone that can take a few moments and get this. Lets say, if no one “Finds” my spot (and remember, all you have to do to find me, is just post a single shot from the above location, day or night) by 10PM EDT (Eastern Daylight savings Time), then I just do another. Also, if folks don’t want to post another spot of their own, they can opt out, and I’ll just continue the game.

Ok, either no one wants to play, or no one is seeing this.
Next location…

This is a really easy one, in WW.

Night time version coming after I get to play a bit.

Not really what I wanted, but got distracted helping someone else.

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