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New World will never recover as long as player count remains viewable. The transparency has been greatly appreciated, but too many people nowadays consider concurrent player count before purchasing or coming back to a game. There’s a reason WoW, FFXIV, ESO, GW2 hide their player counts.

At the moment the game doesn’t offer enough to keep an endgame player logged in for an extended period of time throughout the day. Which is why I believe NW has far more unique active players than the daily concurrent numbers would have you believe.

I like many of you, love this game and want it to flourish. I just don’t see a world where people will want to invest their time in a game where there is a perception of a fading population.

Edit: I wrote this post with anecdotal evidence. Every time I try to convince my friends to come back and try NW, I’m met with “but the game is dead”.


How do you propose they do that? They dont control when sites publish this data.

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I’m not sure tbh since it’s on steam, that’s for someone on the business end to figure out. I’m just giving my opinion on a massive obstacle to New World’s recovery.

Nothing is going to change until the “game is dead” narrative changes and for that to happen the game needs to be rebranded (re-released as free to play or free for amazon prime or sold to a different developer) and/or a great patch(es) needs to bring a lot of people back and/or streamers need to start playing it again. If you look at google trends for “new world” it is at an all-time low.


Issue is that server-to-server populations are important data. I admit they can do low-medium-high ratings easily, but different styles are gonna appeal to different players-- economists almost invariably want the higher populations as it means a likelihood of scarcity. On a low-pop, that’s highly unlikely to find.

I get where you’re at but it’s a double edged sword: your pals finding out ‘low’ means peak of 32 players as opposed to like 250 or something… it’s gonna be a bad time.

This could arguably generate the worse effect of players saying ‘I just wanted to know how dense a server’s population was but there was no way short of joining, by which point it was too late,’ or such similar cases.

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Yeah it seems like people are waiting for other people to take the plunge first and no one wants to be the driving force behind the resurrection. Maybe a total collective push for f2p will get people to try it out again.

Asmongold was talking positive about it a few days ago and the upcoming patch. I think homie is stalking the forums.

I agree, we need some content creators involved but they need to pick who they involve carefully too.

F2P is inevitable and honestly I think all MMOs should be F2P at this point. The genre does not warrant a initial investment cause a lot of the content is based on time played unlike a game like The Last of Us that has a more finite gameplay loop.


They made a lot of bad changes so now they have to do a lot of good changes. Seems fair

Summit1g has never played New World, and he likes MMORPGs. AGS should get him on board, hah.

The problem is content creators dont get involved because unpopuler games dont get views. Although I guess for some top streamers, their followers will watch anything.


Yeah. That is why I will put Asmongold on here cause he plays what he wants and he will call his chat dumb when they are being dumb.

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True. As much as people want to hate on Asmongold… he generally was pretty positive about this game. He was negative on the same friction points that everyone else already hated.

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And as long as people talk bad about it. So remove Forums too. It’s like the Meme of ‘everything is fine’ but Dog put on Dark glasses on to not see lol

You mean ‘Trick’ your friends into coming back. Yeah I did that, and they still left. Almost as if player count has nothing to do with why game keeps bleeding players.

But sure, let’s keep implementing the wrong solutions. I’m sure it will work out eventually…


The virtual reality headset… oh jeez. My man quit NW to hit up VRChat.

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What a shitty idea.
Deceiving people into buying a dead game by hiding the online players?
That’s the community attempt to bring this back, when we have provided every available idea possible to keep the population from dwindling, and you want to scam newcomers?
What’s next? Erase all GS grinding threads and information and let people figurate it out by themselves once they hit 60?


Every major MMO hides their numbers. It’s not a new concept.

And things like SteamCharts are useful because they let you know what the “real” population is like AFTER the hype is over.

If there’s one thing AGS knows how to do, it’s pre-launch hype. Look at Lost Ark. Huge hype, huge numbers. Now plummetted.
In the particular case of an imported game like Lost Ark, it’s popularity outside of the NA market is only a possible indicator of how good it is. NA players can still thoroughly ruin a game by how they play, interact with others, or cheat.
Just like New World.

Honestly New World never deserved any of the hype. In every aspect it is between fail and mediocre, with no more than a passing mark compared to what’s available for the last 5 years.
But it got huge hype and with that marketing got huge initial numbers.
Then players discovered the truth about not just the game but how it is (or rather, is not) managed well, especially when it came to cheating and toxicity.

The current player counts are still more than what New World deserves. Probably because there are a lot of people with sunk costs. Like cheaters who are paying monthly fees to cheat, and RMT players who have spent hundreds to bypass whatever they can.

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Steam should list individual unique daily logins to show how many people are actually playing each day.

It truly isn’t a massive obstacle - The game has MANY obstacles - view count is not one of those.
Lack of content
THESE are New World’s biggest obstacles. Hiding view count will not bring people in and have them stay if these core issues aren’t actually resolved.

This game does not have a monthly sub. So F2p might get a few people who didnt already own the game. But remember how big launch was?

A majority of MMORPG players already own the game and F2P wont bring them back.

Plus if you hid server counts then people would join the low pop one and their player experience would be shit.

The population meters is great. You can look at what servers are active when you are and chose accordingly.

Imagine picking a low pop server where you cannot partake in 90% of the games activities.

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