High GPU usage during login screen / in queue

Save ours GPU please. Fix it.



Our team has looked into this issue and this is what they have found:
The problem can be caused by users overriding their driver settings, e.g. through Nvidia Control Panel. Vertical Sync = off. The solve for now is to switch the settings to “use the 3D application setting”

They are also going to be working on a more permanent fix. Although, with all things game dev, this will not be ready immediately so we appreciate your understanding as we work through these issues that are coming up during beta.



I’m already using “use the 3D application setting” and my GTX 1660 still 100% usage in queue


This doesn’t fix anything.

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I cant even stay in queue while in character screen because my GPU reaches 100% and then crash the game. UPDATE: I capped my FPS to 60 and it fixed it. My GPU is now at 50% instead of 100%

Here are some screencaps. I got knocked out of the game trying to fish in Windward and upon logging back in, I am greeted with the queue. Checking my settings as listed above, they are set as you recommend. GPU is still pegged.


Lock fps to 60, ok for me now

crazy you can cap out a 3090 nvidia card in a beta…

Hello, same behavior here.
Devs, please fix this issue.

People are spending many hours in queue while their GPUs maxing out at 100% for nothing.
A huge energy waste and hardware stress for nothing.
This should be addressed with urgency.

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Yeah, went into settings and capped fps to 60. Runs anywhere from 60 - 70% now on my 2070.

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If only I didn’t have to back out of the queue I’m in to do that. My 3070 is spinning along at 95% right now

Ehm, nope.
I use AMD and nothing is changed.
Dont tell us wrong stories, fix the problem.
Maybe someone miss to delete his cryptomining hack?

Either back out of the queue or fry your GPU waiting in a queue. Your choice lol.

unfortunately that doesn’t solve the issue, you guys need to have a fps cap to menu and another for the game. The optimization need to be looked at, in menu and ingame

95% @70c isn’t frying anything, lol

You wait til you’re 6 hours into the queue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does this game use 100% of my GPU in the main menu screen, and while in Queue? My computer is being maxed out while waiting in Queue on a black screen and I cant do anything cpu/gpu intensive in the meantime because of it. did a 12 year old program this? Is this game mining crypto in the background? Please somebody enlighten me.

Specs? I experienced a similar issue when joining for the first time, though i wasn’t watching my gpu/cpu percentages at the time. I will be doing that from now on.

i5 7600k
GTX 1080
16gb ram

1080 Ti, computer sounded like it was going to explode. Intel HD graphics can render a simple text box and black screen ffs absolute spaghetti code.

I’m sure it was rendering something, I’ve seen comments about ram being eaten up. But yeah, idk what caused it to act like that. What graphics settings were you running it at? (obv im not a dev, but these are the questions you’d get from staff anyway lol)