High Latency & Stuttering Issues

Hello! I put my ticket in using the amazon site. I first spoke with someone from technical support using the live chat. I explained the problem and they put in the ticket for me.

Character: Reywal
Server: Xibalba

I am getting a message when I log in saying “Lag Detected”. I cannot move my character (the camera moves) and when I go to open the map there are no factions showing who owns what territory. Also when I try and type something in the chat it does not show up.

I researched the issue and I went to Steam and verified the files. I then checked the firewall and the settings are allowing New World to operate. I did the internet speed test and it comes back as very fast. Finally, I just uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. After all that I have the same issue and it isn’t working and the “Lag Detected” message is still there and I cannot move.

Any suggestions?

  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: Just walking around.
  • World ID: Hellheim
  • Bandwidth settings: High
  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: Just walking around.
  • World ID: Mardi
  • Bandwidth settings: High





A lot of these stuttering issues are caused by a stamina regen bug rather than network/latency issues which most people do not seem to realize.

smh :yawning_face:

  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: While playing issues where your game froze up until it says not responding in your task manager. i also encounter sometimes after the game runs again this error pop up ingame “Login Blocked: Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected”. Yet i don’t have any application up other than my browser, steam, discord and NW.
  • World ID: Valhalla
  • Bandwidth settings: High
  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: Nothing Loading into the game & said I was running 0.7 FPS. Anytime I get into a town I get 10-20 fps. I checked all the PC specs to see if it was on my end & everything was fine. After this patched it started to happen & now when ever I’m playing new world it will crash & shutdown my PC. But anytime I play a different game it’s fine whatever you did in the new patch it’ll crash my game.
  • World ID: Falias
  • Bandwidth settings: Set to Medium. I’m on Ethernet no issues with other programs.

The real and sad truth guys is that our bug will be never fixed because clearly this game has bigger problems right now, i dont know even if this game will be up and played in 1 month so…

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I’ve created a topic about issues with bow animations and latency.
Thank you

  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: Various things but usually fighting. Named alligator in WF at Perville reset 3 times. Also wolves, cats, skeltons, etc suddely appear behind me or too far way to hit
  • World ID: Themiscyra
  • Bandwidth settings: Low

Not the stamin regen bug for me. It happens when just normally running or just standing with the Trading Post window opened.

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RTT and input latency spikes are not related to stamina issues at all. Its more something similar to Amazon accidentally ddosing somehow our systems…


Day 28 of being ignored by AGS

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At this point it feels like they have been told to ignore us regarding these issues, because everything else gets a response lol. this post is literally pinned and they see all of our comments. but still zero acknowledgement


What were you doing when this happened?

Grumbling outload “damnit this stupid game here we go again”

10 times a day, lag detected and kicked to the main screen.

Constant runner banding in OPR. Constant either stuttering or sliding over terrain. Sometimes it feels like I’m running in water.

People freeze for a second and then zip away. Stun and knockdown durations last for a fraction of a second. I press attack, there is a .5 second animation delay and then the person dishes away and I miss. I turn for a second attack, nothing…they pop somewhere else. Arrows bullets go through people. Every few seconds everyone bit me stops moving then pops a little bit.

500 mbps cable, business grade ubiquiti edge router, low latency to EVERYTHING.

When disconnected from the server pings to Google still show ~20ms. Lately I keep getting message about login ticket expired.

For one glorious day after the server reboot/ patch yesterday the game was good to me. Went from bottom half to top 10-20% in OPR. Combat felt fluid. Wasn’t taking 4-5 hits at once after a pop.

Today…worse than it has ever been and some. So frustrating that I cursed out a bunch of people and quit the game.

I could go on an on about this but the main thing is stun durations and ranged weapons. Can’t hit anything with people popping around. Sometimes projectiles go right through people. GA user approaches waiting to time a dodge, then pop right on me a single 4 FPS half animation, 4-5 hit sounds play at once and shows 3-4 damage instance instantly and dead.

When dead, the frame rates drops to about 5 fps.

Stun durations are not lasting for me. It like if me and my opponent are more than a second or so out of sync, the client fixes it by shortening stuns, knockdown durations. I realize that 1.5 seconds is short but they literally flash on my screen for about 1 frame as stunned and then roll hop out of the next light spear attack. It does not fricking take 1.5 seconds to light attack with a spear. The whole light combo is probably only a second.

People also slide away when using on knockdown. They move away while flat on the ground and then usually get it and dodge before they have even fallen all the way down.

I could seriously wrote a book about this shit. I am so frustrated with the nonstop lag and trudging through water feeling. The 4-5 damage instances applying all at once. Taking three or 4 musket shots in the middle of a dodge animation and dying.

Always head shots too. I feel like I’m their screen I must just be standing there or something.

Fix this shit. And for god sakes crapazon, stop telling people to port forward 80 to their computers or I will make a giant public spectacle of you that will probably lead to a massive class action lawsuit and total public shame.

Never never ever port forward 80 to your home PC. Literally the most dangerous thing you could do to a home PC.

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The lag is so bad now. ever since one of the patches it’s borderline unplayable at times. I’ve raised a ticket with AGS and they just direct me back to amazon.com.

  1. It happens during everything, usually during high population of other players or even NPCs. Sometimes I could be killing one wolf, or harvesting one thing, and get horrendous lag
  2. Themiscrya US East
  3. I’ve tried all bandwith and visual settings

Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: gathering, running, standing, i get a freez till the message comes [Suspicious Software or Corrupted Install Detected] and kicks me back to the main screen and loads my character 1-2 min before i can get back in . same if i restart the game 1-2 min loading the worlds and character

World ID:DarkWinds

Bandwidth settings: high

Edit; EU server Nysos

This is the latest bug introduced with the hotfix -.-’