High Latency & Stuttering Issues

Just to add, I also noticed it spikes really high when entering close to a town and then drops back down. Like as soon as I enter near Brightwood, shoots up to 1k.

  • Happens both while fighting, PvE, or PvP This is obvious by stutters, skill cancels or rapidly reproducing the animation (no actual effect) or by teleporting while dodge rolling during a latency spike. Sometimes off cliffs. OR it happens while crafting, or using the TP both rendered frustratingly unusable. Can sometimes occur when multiple commands are given ie: trying to evade attacks, comboing skills, or moving to a node and trying to gather.
  • Rarohenga, avg 150ms, with no other latency, lag issues with ANY other online services/games
  • Bandwidth set to “High”

This bug is huge and makes 90% of the game largely unplayable. Any fix would be HUGE

Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: I simply logged in on Wednesday and ever since then I am in a constant state of rubber-banding can’t list things on the market or craft because it says it’s “failing”

World ID:Magmell

Bandwidth settings:High

  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: Walking around
  • World ID: Themiscyra
  • Bandwidth settings: High

Latency kept spiking between 70-3000 every couple of seconds.
Would sometimes lag for several seconds, and when the game resumed I’d be dead, or under the map somewhere. Tried restarting the game, restarting the PC, restarting my router, none of which helped. I’ve logged in a few times tonight and it still hasn’t resolved. Many on my server are complaining about similar issues in game.

  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen:- Killing mobs, walking around, everywhere.
  • World ID: - Devalokas - SA EAST
  • Bandwidth settings: High, 100mbp/us

I have also set a rule for port triggering as was suggested which seemed to work then I relogged in today and it was broken again.

Plz devs, fix the combat… optiimize this engine i dont know my ping is 15 ms, 120 fps, inputlatency max 50 fps rtt too… whataheck

Did not begin to happen until after the 1.0.5 patch. Anytime I attempt to use a looting circle it resets. Harvesting, mining, skinning, and logging are manageable because how much I have done so far remains. Chests of any sort are problematic. Especially the ones with a long loot time. Like inside expeditions. There is a input latency spike every time the loot circle is reset. The spike occurs about every 3 to 4 seconds consistently jumping from 70ish to over 200 for a split second then returning to normal. If looting, my character simply stands up. If talking to an NPC, I get booted out of dialogue and the NPC seems to enter a motion loop for a few seconds. If I am moving, my character twitches like they were slapped in the face. I do not know if it is related but I also rarely can craft at any table as it simply tells me it has failed or states “Request throttled please try again later.” I have tried this on multiple bandwidth settings and on the worlds Grus, Opar, and Kaluwalhatian. The problem persists in all of them.

Recently noticed if aiming with a bow during a spike the aim lowers then comes back right away.

I cannot convey properly just how debilitating this bug is for game play. I cannot raise other players because of the issue. I cannot loot certain chests for quests because of the issue. I cannot craft anything including new gear gems or even ammunition because of the issue. I cannot purchase items from the market because of the issue. I cannot sell items at the market because of the issue. At this point it has become nothing more than a very pretty looking game of walking and gathering.

PvP – Out Post Rush or World PvP – Doesn’t always happen. When it does happen one of three things occur. Sometimes all three back to back.

  1. Character teleports into the future to a location I was facing and moving.

  2. Character teleports into the past into a location I was in.

  3. Micro stutters, inputs stop registering accurately. IE dodge roll is delayed.

Fix: I have found that when fighting certain players the event occurs. The best outcome is to just run away. Get out of visual range. Magically lag disappears.

Note: It appears to happen most often when fighting Axe users. It is like their attacks slow me down, or speed me up. Regardless my character starts stuttering. I am a bow user.

Connection: 1000mbs up / 50mbs down – Cable.
Bandwidth setting: High

  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: since First Patch this happens every few Minutes
  • World ID: Albraca
  • Bandwidth settings: High, Middle Low

Latency kept spiking between 70-3000 every couple of seconds.
Would sometimes lag for several seconds.
Tried a lot of things… nothing works.
I havent tested this a lot but it seems to go away wile downloading something on Steam.

  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: started yesterday with ms spikes was farming ironwood and then i joined mines+myrk run and got worse. Logged today and its constant 1500+ ms with Lagg dettected message on my screen
  • World ID: Wonderland
  • Bandwidth settings: High

Tried almost every tip i found on forums spent hours with it and nothing works. Game worked fine for me since launch till yesterday.

  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: After last server restart, whenever I heal someone it takes around 1,5s to show the heal and also update party members health. Ping: 9ms. The samething applies to damage, the damage in mobs/players take 0,8ish seconds to really display it.
  • World ID: Lanka
  • Bandwidth settings: Medium
  • Anytime I get around more than 5 people my ping get trashed. When I try to push a base in Out Post Rush with my team I just ping and lag around the base.
    *Server Yggdrasil
  • Bandwidth high

    new worlds dog shit
    This is pretty mind blowing. No idea why this game cant stay connected.
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  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: Started after patch 1.0.5. The game now have base 1 second delay. Even though the latency is fine.
  • World ID: Delos (AP Southeast)
  • Bandwidth settings: Currently Medium (tested all 3 and its same)
  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: Completely random times I will get a 10 second pause with LAG DETECTED in red at the top of my screen. Happens while walking around, in PvP, in PvE settings, in town, in expeditions. It can happen within 5 minutes of logging in, and happens routinely 2-5 times an hour
  • World ID: Taenarum
  • Bandwidth settings: High

They are avoiding saying that its the servers, I bet most everyone started to see these issues after last patch, I know i did.


dude same, i even had my internet re-wired and everything, this is wild

a lot of people it started after 1.0.4, there are other forum threads about this for the past 16-17 days now :confused: but it has been worse since the last patch

Yep, I have run DayZ servers myself for about 2 years, I created the scripts and code on those servers. Making changes (patches) will cause servers to react in a different manner, Usually restarting them (maintenance) will fix this, it will refresh the servers. For some reason They do not want to do it.


The lag is regardless of what we are doing.

I am and no doubt so many other are on the verge of quitting because of this, we’ve lost a massive player base due to all the bugs and exploits the next wave will leave if you can’t sort this lag out.

The game is straight up a bin right now with the lag, I can’t gather as node don’t render in for me then someone else gets it.

PvP is chalk down to luck in whoever is feeling the lag harder…

Not sure what you guys are doing with the network traffic.

I average 54ms and whatever you guys are doing is sending it somewhere that’s giving me 250.

Load balancers or DNS misconfigured maybe?

AP South East Delos.

My original post has more info
High Latency connections killing game play - Game Support / English Support - New World Forums

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