High Latency & Stuttering Issues

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I’ve also been getting extreme stuttering since the latest patch. Before the patch, I played on mostly medium, with a few high settings with a steady 60 FPS for 99% of my gameplay session.
Now, New World seems to pressure my CPU to 100% nearly all the time, even when doing solo PvE.

  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: Anything, mostly when using skills, solo combat, dodging or even just walking around.
  • World ID: Kronos
  • Bandwidth settings: High

CPU: Intel i7 6700

  • Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: playing OPR M10 mutations and just running around in a town & get white screen saying program not responding, this is really frustrating when playing OPR and running M10 mutations!!! also LAG DETECTED FOR MONTHS NOW!!!

  • World ID: NYSA

  • Bandwidth settings: high, fiber with no issues on other programs

Yea it is funny how they keep asking you to do this and that when you full well know it is not your end, but still they go no and act like it is your end, these people running this game are so slow at anything they do.

Do you find that after a patch your ping spikes 50-80ms higher than normal? I have to restart the game, verify files, exit steam etc etc. Ping and input latency has only got worse since this game launched

This game is unoptimized trash, why they even released the game in the first place os beyond me. Only to bring people pain. :rofl:

Latency & performance is strictly RNG, there is no code of right or wrong. The nerds seem to think so, but no.

For me, this games performance was better at launch than it is now. You would think well, maybe it’s you… Been a while… But no.

**Describe what you were doing when it started to happen**: all along the input latency problem occurred on new world, please fix. Especially in Italy, there are moment that despite having 40ms ping in game I encounter 110ms input latency. The more people present, the more this parameter increases.
**World ID**: IMN3WSORRY
**Bandwidth settings**: High

On Starlink. I live maybe 2 hours from Frankfurt where both a starlink basestation and the New World servers are located.

I feel like there is a setting wrong but don’t know how to fix . The amazon help page don’t help much.

Game has been pretty much unplayable for a month or two now. Average rtt around 80 to 350 but also spikes higher frequent.

Describe what you were doing when it started to happen: Big lags, mostly with people around i get an a spike of ping, down the fps and all around me moves x5. Same with OPR, can i be shooting and just see myself killed for someone pretty fast. I tried everything i read here. Also this don’t happen in other games,

World ID: Cleopatra
Bandwidth settings:High 

Thanks in advance!

having a lot of “lag detected” messages which usually last for 3-20 seconds where i can’t do anything, the mobs will disappear slowly underground and eventually it all catches up and ill be dead or almost, my ms is stable around 16 but goes to around 30-50 during the lag. it tends to happen more often during fights with multiple enemies or just when running around
world nysa
bandwidth settings high

I’m sure I posted just the other day in relation to this. Like you I was getting stuttering, ice skating or simply call it what you understand it as.

A reply was received within the in-game help chat. It was intimated to be a possible issue with an “anti-cheat” programme within the game.

Now I am not as technically minded as some of you and cannot exactly recall the method to fix the anti-cheat programme.

Is it in Steam settings or Game settings? Hmmmm I’m still unsure but know that you will work it out.

Needless to stay a quick uninstall of the anti-cheat programme followed by running a game check thereby allowed the anti-cheat programme to be successfully reinstalled.

That’s now around 10 days and no lag issues. Give it a go and see if it helps.

Also get ice skating. It’s great… Amongst 40 other difficulties. Game is unplayable.
Finishing up top 10 OPR leaderboard, then I’m seeking a new game… Unfortunately nothing to great is out. -_-

Is anti cheat automatically installed on the PC? I couldn’t find it in search. ~.~

It happens 3-5 times an hour. It happens when you just walk around the location, sometimes during combat, during OPR or arena combat, quite often occurs when teleporting to the city or sanctuary to any location. RTT and latency goes up to 400 for 5-7 seconds and then goes back. Sometimes goes up to 600-900 and for 10 seconds and it repeats.

World: EU Nysa.
It happens with same frequency both on medium and high Bandwidth settings

Super strange. Maybe they do ping on purpose?)

The Easy Anticheat configuration is located in your install folder of New World.
…steamapps\common\New World\EasyAntiCheat

You could delete the whole folder and then run the game file check in steam.

The other suggestion is to let Easy Anticheat communicate through your firewall with no restriction. (Add an exception to your firewall for the installed easy anthicheat, … C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyAntiCheat\EasyAntiCheat.exe)

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Thanks you, have not tried this option yet, may as well give it an attempt.


Are you talking about verifying the files through steam? Well it replaced anti-cheat. :thinking:
Was this the attempted fix to refresh it? Thought I wanted to get rid of it O.o

You can’t get rid of it in a multi player game for good reasons :wink:

Ah, gotcha. Well I’ve heard people just removing it. >.>
Did nothing for me, but thanks ^.^


Many thanks for providing the path from the C: drive.

I have now added it as an exception. :star_struck: