High ping in Peru since the last patches

I leave information on the situation of players who live in Peru.

We have been ignored in the forums in Spanish for a long time, there is no response from any moderator to the threads that are opened to provide a solution.

Since the last patches in Peru the ping has gone up for everyone the average was 100-120 now we all have 200 - 300 and it is something that happens to everyone.

This happened before with those who play from Colombia, they spent about 3 weeks with the problem but it was solved a while ago. However, from Peru we already have more than a month and they have not given a solution.

We all have good ping to different games but the only one that fails is New World. We have to pay extra money in a vpn to have the adequate ping, it is unsustainable to have to pay a monthly external program to be able to play well.

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Hello @Lageado,

I’m really sorry to read about the issue you’re having with the lag, here are some steps you can try to resolve your Lag issue:

Additionally I will address the Spanish post you shared and I apologize for the long time without response.

Please let me know if the steps I shared work for your issue.


Hola, el problema está desde abril, se hizo una unión de servidores y un parche y subió el Ping a 350 aproximadamente.
Desde esa fecha hice y vi muchos post sobre el tema pero nada, los administradores del foros dan las mismas soluciones que no dan ningún resultado, tienen que entender que el problema se encuentra en sus servidores.

Exacto, nos vienen mareando desde hace rato. Es algo general y no particular. Por lo visto no habrá solución.

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