High Pop Servers Make Crafting Impossible

My absolute favorite part of this game is the crafting. On launch I was one of the first players to be able to craft high tier gems and jewelry and it was so awesome to be the go-to person for that stuff. I leveled from 30 to 50 almost solely off of gathering and crafting and I was having a blast!

Then my server got merged because it was ‘dead’, although no one on our server was complaining at all. We had full wars and invasions were hard only because not many players were 60 yet, but it was manageable. Suddenly we were part of Castle of Steel and I could only bear to play another week or two before I needed to make a new character somewhere else. Playing on huge servers like CoS at it’s prime feels like a slap in the face to PvE players. I understand that population is a huge part of the PvP experience, but do the devs not care about the crafting mechanics at all?

With a server getting 200-300 players at peaks, there was almost no competition for resources. Sure, you may have to go to a different spot to farm, but you could find the resources you needed somewhere else in the world. Playing even with 500-700 players is already rough on crafters, but anything more than that is impossible. Whether it’s the gold bots gathering ori nodes or it’s level 60s camping every wirefiber spawn there is just no avoiding paying thousands of coin for the materials to craft a single item.

Now we’ve been merged again and I can’t see myself enjoying crafting anymore. First the elemental beasts get nerfed into oblivion (one wyrdwood? Seriously?) and then they keep forcing all players into bigger servers. On top of an impossible gameplay loop the devs keep introducing more and more gear that crafters can’t come close to making. Being able to choose a single perk on your weapon or armor, only for it to come out with minimum gear score and the wrong stat is beyond frustrating after having spent hours grinding those materials. There’s no point in crafting any gear, it won’t be usable at level 60 anyways. You mine thousands and thousands of iron and gather all that silk just to end up with a level 200 skill that nets you nothing in return.

Devs need to realize that PvP is not the only aspect of this game. If crafting is going to be impossible, useless, and ignored then why put it in at all?


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