High populated servers + increased number of capacity = less resources for everyone

Hi all,
Currently im trying to get my weaponsmithing to 200 and i found out that getting all resourced needed to do that is unimaginable. We have all servers high populated and capacity was increased to 2200 which means that getting e.g. orichaclum ore is almost imposible (maybe i shoulg get up at 3 a.m but i think there are already people who do that). Is there any plan to lower time of veins respawn or maybe put some more of it to the game ?


Yep healthy is max 1.2k player

Lodestone is almost 4g in Orofena. You can’t farm it either because it’s so contested. Feels bad crafting a stopwatch

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Farm anything on Orofena sucks I just went to a spot and 10 people are there fighting over ore :frowning: and its 4:30 am on a US-East server !

Try to farm wood —> sell it —> buy ori

It will be better with Brimstone update i guess. 3 new zones, bigger map to spread.

Everyone gonna hit the huge brimstone map. There will be a lot more opportunity to farm in great cleave after and in bb it self. Some mobs will be mineable as well

im same name in game on orofena and i can show ya some spots where the bots dare not go and you can get quite a bit :slight_smile:

Captain Obvious.

The servers around 1K are already unbearable for any gathering. As I said in other threads, the solution is to open more servers, keep them med size pop (since their tech is shite too, and it runs better the fewer people are on), and then make regions (a collection of servers) for queuing for dungeons, OPR, arenas, what have you. Decade old tech in MMORPG terms.

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