High tier corruption in low level areas

We have started to see level 55 corrupted portals spawning in low areas such as Everfall and it’s making some areas unplayable because there is no way for us to get rid of these portals as the staff doesn’t work.

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Not only that but it seems to force an Invasion to eventually happen. Since you can’t “clear the zone” before the hidden timer ticks down and triggers the Invasion event.

And since Invasions are nearly impossible to beat atm due to gearing still being on the low-end for most. It means a town is perpetually going to be stagnant; just enough time to recover from the downgrade of the loss.

Yep this was especially an issue at the beginning (still is of course), when we were all level 30 and an invasion started and nobody could even join it. We cleared Everfall/Windsward, not a single corruption on the map and invasion still happened.

Now we can’t even clear the portals, they’re getting in the way of stuff in those areas.

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