Higher latency since AWS crash


Since AWS had that crash that effected multiple companies I have been getting a much higher ping than before. While I’m on my server I USED to get 85-90 Ping and now I’m constantly sitting around 125-130 Ping.

Game also rubberbands more often. This has only happened since AWS outtage.

Is this something AGS is aware of since the AWS outage?



Hello there @eevetvtwitch!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we got several reports on this same issue, and we will be giving further updates on the state of the servers, this is the link for the other thread:

Please reply with the information asked there so we can gather more info!.

Thanks for your patience and being part of this community!
See you in Aeternum !!

The lag persist every second, every time, every action.

Id: Ryumaru

Bandwith: High

AWS needs to own this latency issue. The performance of the game is not up to par. I have to run graphics on low setting due to the lag/low FR now. Its not because my system decided to take winter off. AWS design has changed most likly due to the down town caused by the AWS East collasping. Its a poor reflection of New World developers and Operations, and AWS Cloud services the platform that is hosting this game.

  • Ghosting

  • Chest not opening

  • Lag in cities, wilderness, and everywhere else

  • Any more lag would be considered un playable.

This is AWS Platform and NewWorld’s ability to show world class production … this part of the game should be the very best, and right now its worse then not being able to dye your void amour PINK…

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