Hit Registration on Void Gauntlet is broken

This is a massive problem, void blade an ability on void gauntlet just does not have any hit registration.

It has been this way for MONTHS, literally a broken ability,

this happens whenever you activate void blade, it literally hits nothing, a magic sword based bruiser that is meant to hit to get lifesteal, cannot hit to get lifesteal, it’s a shame really. I want to use this ability but it is unusable in this state.

Please fix void blade, give it good homing and good hit registration as it currently stands the hit registration is so broken.


Yes this bug is for a long time. The thing is, We can hear the hit but its not registred and deal 0 dmg.

Do you have a video of this? Currently, I’m playing LS/VG and never recognized a problem with the void blade. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. I will have a close look later today, when I’m at home.

For some reason the hitbox on vg massively depends on the ping afor me it’s unplayable bcs i have like 220-260ping
Wanna know what your current ping is

Do you play PvE or PvP content? This is most noticeable for me when I’m in PvP I should add.

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My ping is 15, very very low ping , I have gigabit internet from Verizon Fios with one of the best packages available.

Solid rig, capped fps at 60 frames, settings all on low.

To clarify, this occurs in PvP. Where other weapons have good homing and the hits register, void blade is like hitting air, you cane barely get a hit in sometimes especially when people are running away.

This was never an issue when VG was launched and it felt fine, homing was almost too good and people complained and now it feels just completely neutered.


I’m playing only PVE, yet. Maybe it’s that why I did not recognize any problem.