Hold back the night and seakissed wood

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my character name is wishmaster2142
my server/world is Abaton

on hold back the night i need to kill angry earth but i need 16 of a item but i only get 10 and it goes to the next step but i need 16

on seakissed wood you need to kill 25 angry earth you can kill them and the next step is to collect wood from them but it dont drop i spent 3 hours just killing them

on mine keeper for the first step you have to mine something but with one hit its disappers and doesn’t count to the mission

Welcome to the forums! All of these have.been acknowledged & sent to the dev team so they are being worked on so hopefully we’ll see them resolved soon. They have impacted quite a few players.

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is fix thank you about to try the others keep you updated

[quote=“hotmale2912, post:1, topic:819133”]
on hold back the night
and miners keeper are still buged

The team is working on this!

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