Holly regent mitts


I was crafting alot of Holly regent mitts and salvaged them to level up my armoring but didnt get any infused leather back from them. Is it suppose to give 1-2 back or not? Becuase i thought they would.

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I understand you were crafting Holly regent mitts and salvaged them.

Salvaging Weapons and Apparel grants Coin and Repair Parts (Repair Parts are needed to repair your gear)

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So if i understand you then all of the winter recipes only give us coin and repair part when we salvage them but i think some of them give us some of the ingrediens back aswell.

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Salvaging holly regent mitts gives you 1-2 infused leather per piece, this applies to the ones that were crafted and not bought from the store.

The ones that are salvaged after buying from the store gives you repair parts & coins.

If you have crafted it and did not receive the infused leather, then I would request you to please contact our live mediums so that they can create a ticket to the Dev team for a resolution.

You can contact our live mediums by following the below link:

Please do let me know if you have any further queries.

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