HOLY RAMEN EMPIRE [NA EAST Aztlan - ENGLISH - PVX] - adults only

Welcome to the Holy Ramen Empire!

TL;DR: We’re here to have fun & win. For more info, or if we sound like the kind of Company you’d like to join, reach out to MommaFoxFire#0851 on Discord.

We are an active community based in the US (all time zones), recruiting mercenaries, craftspersons, settlers & adventurers for the launch of New World. (Company name created during closed beta)

Our common goal is expansion and supporting one another in our adventures! To that end, we are here to help all players in Aeternum learn, explore, grow & fight together in the battle of Factions and Corruption. New players & beta veterans alike are welcome to join us.

Our Company is made up of seasoned gamers, veteran MMO players & content creators. Many of us played the open & closed betas extensively & are excited to immerse ourselves in the new game at launch and into the future. We’re a competitive, play-hard + work-hard group, we fully understand IRL responsibilities and commitments. That being said, we like to WIN, so we do ask that members are active & if you sign up for/agree to do something to follow through with it (fight in a war, lead a PVP group on a specific day/time, join an expedition/invasion, etc.). We are looking for dedicated players who are ready to participate in and contribute to the company. We do not expect you to be available 24/7, but we appreciate you being as active as possible. We want to make sure there is always a group to quest, raid, farm or just chill with so no one feels left out.

We are an adult guild & may at times be rowdy / loud. Our only rule is - don’t be a jerk (which includes refraining from hate speech, racism, homophobia, sexism, marginalizing language, etc.).

  • Representing: NA & EU, language English

  • Times: CST based & on at all times.

  • Save the drama for your mama - leave it at the login screen.

  • Must choose the 'Syndicate’ Covenant.

  • Recruiting for ALL roles: TANK – DPS – HEALER; & for ALL playstyles (PVE/PVP/RP/CRAFTING) - we want a mix of experienced fighters w/ battle sense, cooperative players to help each other, those w/ a strong sense of camaraderie & determination.

  • PvX: (both PvE and PvP content) We want to explore everything the game has to offer & overcome every challenge it throws at us.

  • Crafting & Trading: PVP not your thing? Hone your trades & make your money through material means & support / equip / fund Company endeavors. We are looking players who invest their time in this area help them advance their own skills AND the Company.

  • Settlement Ownership: We are very focused on achieving the governorship of a settlement and holding it via wars & PVP tasks!!

We have an adults-only multi-gaming community discord for communicating/coordination with a New World dedicated zone, our one rule is “don’t be a jerk,” meaning we don’t tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. The discord has both voice and text channels, but there is not a requirement for a mic. There is no formal application process. We just ask that you join & be active. We’ll know if it’s a good fit soon enough.

Other notable games we play (and have dedicated guilds/clans/servers for) include: Runescape, Minecraft, Ark, 7 Days to Die, Minion Masters

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