Honest reiview after 1000 hours of game play

I’m going to give you most honest review. ( 1000 hours played) If you are looking for smooth weapon swapping combat. Buy GW2. New World on other hand is a unfinished project rushed to make money. They should have never released game at this state ever. By far clunkiest combat I have ever seen in all th MMO’s i have sunk hours into. The servers this game runs on is complete garbage. Game is build around war system but the system can’t support it. With awful game lag and rubber banding. High Ping/ Latency is all over the place. Then you get one large awful PVP map to que for. NO Central US servers… WTF? Remember this is just the base of the game core mechanics. That’s not even all the other atrocious issues that this game has. I will give you better list of MMOs to choose from.

GW2 For clean pvp with smooth weapon swapping. Level playing field in PVP gear. Lots of PVP maps! Story of game not so great.

World of War Craft - Yes it has had a downfall. But has lots of classes and great pvp system. Lots of PVP maps! Game story is best there is.

DCUO- PvP has huge learning curve that can be fun after getting it down. Love the DC Universe story for comic lovers. Down side is pain to catch up with other people in gear and skill points.

Final Fantasy- Great for furry lovers if you into that


wow has more furries than ff LOL

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I am installing wow as we speak … I pay 13$ per moth vs this crap.

Its mindbowing that i use almost 1100 hours on this game… This game is so bad i hope it dies

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lol yes they both have a lot of furies I agree

Logged in and wandered around Qeynos in EQ. I really miss walking into a city with hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS) of NPCs moving about and chatting autonomously. You can talk to them, interact, buy/sell, turn in loot and quests, even attack some.

Big mistake, I guess.

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