Honestly just cut your losses here amazon

The game is constantly being broken. Not only is there no legitimacy to any accomplishments in this game , but you are actually unable to undo the wide spread damage that these dupes cause and abusers get a slap on the wrist as evidenced by the last dupes. There’s massive exploits constantly, people have already gotten so far ahead in the game thanks to exploiting they are set for life. The economy will never recover. Those who exploited the hardest are winning the hardest in this game. You were aware of trophy duping for a full 24 hours but chose not to act until the steps to do it were made widely available to the public. It’s too little too late. Instead of making sure things like this do not happen again, your focus is on buffing Great Axe and War Hammer and nerfing mage weapons out of existence lmao. Very clearly your priorities are misplaced, and even those who have shown you the utmost patience and understanding through all of this are reaching their limit. This game will continue to hemorrhage players every day until one day there’s no point in even keeping the servers up. So why not just pull the plug now, give the game a merciful death.


because everyone wants to play it? If you don’t want to play it then quit and let others play


Once the copium wears off I cant imagine who in their right mind would want to play. I already don’t want to play, the way i’m getting my money’s worth is by watching this game burn on the forums.


I’m not convinced you’re capable of reading that amount of text in three minutes.

I’m judging this by your knee-jerk (key word in the latter half of that phrase) response. The fact is, that the OP wouldn’t have posted if they weren’t invested in the potential at the game at some point - a potential that is being squandered.

Everything they’ve said is valid. And judging by precedent set by Amazon themselves, cutting their losses would be a realistic move.

I feel the same honestly, because New World is such a strong IP thematically and creative direction wise, they need to just sell it off to a company that can handle it.


They need to perma ban these cheaters. It so annoying how they think a 24 ban is okay and on top of that they keep gold and items…


isnt this a mostly pvp mmo game ? so arent most other players my rivals at end game evantually ? so my future rivals duping and getting the strongest gear sets and golds in 1 day with cheating, while i am trying to make my gear set for like weeks to complete them at future ?

how i supposed to compete with this guys if amazon dont ban them permanently and delete the stuff and golds they dupped ? i must work hard as x 100 than them(even i dont know i can get the stuff these guys have now, if i work hard x100) to get same items… what is that ?


Instead of trying to get the game taken away from people that like it, why not just quit and move on to something else? If you can’t help yourself, maybe download an app to block your access to the forum and game.


Agreed, i’d be willing to give the game a shot again when it’s ready, but that won’t be anytime soon.

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At this point they should shut down and re launch in a few months after fixing the bugs/exploits.

Ps: i do have over 500 hours and i am willing to start fresh anyday once the game actually works as intended.

My bad for double post didnt mean it as a direct reply to anyone :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s funny, you may have valid points but as soon as I see someone use this stupid buzzword I no longer give a crap what they have to say.




We are all invested - thats why we are here.
I agree with the OP - close it, re-develop it, re open it next year.

This is madness.


if you cant enjoy the game, stop crying and leave. the patches are fine, nerfing ig/fg is the first step in the right direction. the fixes for the most import stuff came quickly. dupes are annoying but they handle them perfectly: no rollback, no servershutdown, they only disable wealth transfer and fix the issue. they communicate a lot about upcoming patches, new content and the current status. most other companies didn’t achieve this even years after the release. but you still continue to cry. every day. everywhere. in global chat, on discord, on company chat, on reddit, on official forums… whats wrong with you? whats your goal? trying to ruin the game, because you are mad everyone else is enjoying it?

i have a lot of fun and im playing it every day. if you cant have any fun, suck it up. even if they miss a cheater with a banwave and he has 50k coins more than you, who cares? does it matter in any way?


Much original, so edgy

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I can still enjoy the game but i will mention it when there are bugs, specially game breaking ones and or when my projectiles/attacks just pass trough mobs and bonuses are not enabled, cause i do love the game, i will not pretend all is perfect because i do love the game. :smiley:


if they would go back to the roots of it yea, for sure. always on pvp, at the very least partial loot, player built settlements, meaningful sieges etc.

in its current version? fuck no, complete waste of time, no matter if it works as intended or like it is now. new world routine these days is: log on, do couple outposts, log off. no way id spent 100h to lvl up just to do that again.


I do agree they need to know in which direction they want to go with the game.

who will you write this to in a month? to yourself? sad

Copium is thinking they should shut a game down just because you are incapable of controlling your addictions and clicking uninstall.

I do not like the current state of the game at all, but I still enjoy it because I play it with friends and we are not so tightly wound that we can’t have a good time.

“I no longer like this product, you need to delete it if I’m not going to enjoy playing it.”

That’s a summary of your OP.

Just find something else to play man, who cares.


Guys, the game is dead since the gold dupe exploit. Only option is wipe the servers, wipe the trades skills levels.

This is not news.