Honestly New World needs more open world gameplay

New World needs more open world gameplay features.

We getting new maps added, and new weapons. The new Weapons are good additions,
but the new map will wear off if there is nothing changed about the gameplay other than the aesthetics of the maps.

We have a lot of current maps, and they all pretty much the same, with only variety in how they look and the difficulty of the mobs do to level differences…

We more gameplay features. More things to do besides what foundational stuff we have now.

Most of the endgame features are Guild Controlled, or Schedule based and limited in who can play it, which prevents the masses from even playing those features. Total waste.

We need more stuff in the open world for everybody to enjoy.

I wouldnt mind some Open World PvE Invasion events that attack settlements and stuff like that.


and if the events is failed (invasion succeeded) then settlement remains invaded until cleared by players or by NPCs (after a while so they do not remain perma invaded)

yes game is Instanced World rather than New World

Halloween event boss is open world invasion type event.

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