Honing stones count toward empowerment

I just found out I’ve been wasting gold buying honing stones…

evidently the damage percentage that honing stones adds actually counts toward empowerment cap so if you’re hitting 50% with talents/weapons etc…you won’t get extra damage from honing stones…

watch a YT vid about a guy who tests these things, even tested it myself…

that’s one of the things this game needs to change, more detailed character stats and maybe a better UI for buffs.


Empowerment is never really wasted. There is alot of weaken in the game too and empower and weaken are on the same scale fighting against each other. Have a higher empowerment floor is always good, if it wasn’t then we would be complaining about mortal empowerment muskets and bows for the last 6 months.


empower counts towards empower cap

wow big news

also having a higher “base empower” is always good, bc you’re not at 50% all the time.

like it even shows you the empower symbol on your character for the honing stone buff.
so i don’t know what you expected?

the buff doesn’t actually say you get X% empowerment on the honing stoning buff it says you get X% additional weapon damage which is quite ambiguous…

there are so many sources of empowerment and the healer I run with has 100% uptime on oblivion so it’s really not that hard to stay at empowerment cap. Gonna do further testing in Mutations but I feel like maybe Honing stones may not be worth it.

I thought everyone already knew this.


I guess I was ignorant of this fact because I had no idea until I started learning about these things to try and min/max my character and try to output as much as I can but as efficiently as I can as well

yeah sure, for pve, empower cap is a factor you need to consider, i’d say everything above t3 honing stone is mostly wasted money

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Same with +damage on rings, and +damage on runeglass lol. Yes I agree the game really should be more clear about these things.


Runeglass isn’t empower, at least the +1% physical damage.

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correct, +elemental damage on runelgass counts towards empower cap, but not +melee damage. However punishing does have a 1sec internal cooldown that isn’t disclosed. game really just needs to be more clear on what things do what.

yes very true…slash damage for example doesn’t give more damage after you’ve hit empower cap it only adds to empowerment up to 50%

I get what you’re saying, but it’s not necessarily wasted. Just because you can hit the empower cap without honing stones doesn’t mean that you’re always at the cap, in which case, the honing stone is increasing the floor on your damage.

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But things like slash damage and honing stone are still active. When other empowerments are not. Still being useful in raising your overall dps when outside of empowerment cap.

*edit: which i just realized was said by others. ignore me

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