Hope Manifest quest not completing

Same I also did the quest 2x… and created it but its not giving me credit

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i have the same issues aswell
Sever: Abaton
Character: Twigzzyy

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Same issue with both quests.
Server: Castle of Steel
Character: Profess0r_J

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A friend of mine has the same issue.
Server: Tir Na Nog
Character: CapitàDisbauxa

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Same issue
Server Olympus
name Zarmos

They’re working to fix these quests.

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Same issue as well

same issue
Server - Delos
Name - CyrusLSY

Same issue. I tried a reset and it didn’t fix it. I now have two Hope Manifest’s

Server: Orofena
Name: Ellemenohpe

Same issue…

Server: El Diablo
Character: breadbuul

Same issue, Hope Manifest not completing…
Character: Wheezy Buffalo
Server: Orofena
Region: US East

Same issue. Crafted Hope’s Manifest, but only the “Visit an Arcane Station” objective completed.
Character: Amystra
Server: Valhalla
Region: US East

Same Problem here!
Server: Aaru
Charater: BadTeddyO

Same Probleme here!
Server: Asgard
Character DonRuiseñor

Same Issue

Server Valhala

Charcter BigGeorgeP

I have the same issue.
Server: Nysa
Character: Albusom

Same issue here.
Character: ttprocess
server: orofena

Samme Issue
Server: Dry Tree
Charkater Bart-O-Gramm

Same Issue
Character: RustyAsh
Server: CastleofSteels

Same Issue
Character: AurisBLET
Server: Tir Na Nog

any assistance please?