Hope to see this in Wars

Wars should be same faction only, Gov, are picking best people in other factions just to hold there territory.
I can understand if its a Invasion, We all against the corrupt, but if I am fighting a faction my army should be of the same faction to defend or attack it.

Lowering War to 40v40 will also make filling up roster a lot easier.

This will make map changing color more often.

And side note : GA needs to be addressed, every skill in that class is OP, and I use GA.


every perk aswell :smiley:

Wars should be guild only. If you cant get 50 man you dont deserve to have a territory. It would also solve the ghost company problem.

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I agree with the faction thing. I brought it up before.

Regarding the company only, I think this needs more thought. Owning a territory only makes you stronger so if only the large companies that can slot 40-50 people can do them, there will be no place for smaller companies.

What does a small company achieve if they cannot hold their own.

I don’t think that any company which cannot roster at least 80% of their own in a war, deserves to own a territory.

This change would also resolve the classic 5 man, small company, 10% influence snipe

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