Hoping that developers will read this topic

Hello, first of all I want to clarify that I am French and that my spelling will not be perfect ^^. I also want to address the developers at the neck of their subjects because they really have to react …

I really don’t understand your February update, you made the game easier by making it easier to get umbral shards without looking at the consequences on your game, that is, you scared away all your big players, 90% of the big players on my server stopped.

The game is too simple, why have to facilitate the rise between 600 and 625 and not the rise of expertise, we end up with players who have a GS of 620 on average and who have never made mutations, I find it frustrating knowing that the big players we spent hours making transfers in order to increase our GS.

I am the first to defend you regarding your content because necessarily in 6 months of play you can not have game content that is equivalent to a game of 4 years or other, but nevertheless you destroy your only content yourself.

To conclude, what I want you to understand is that with the March update you will still lose half of your players because a large part of the players have already reached 625 and suddenly there will be nothing left to do unfortunately.

Please really react to what I am telling you because you have enough to make a beautiful game.

Thank you

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6 days and no answers, here is the concern of the developers is that they answer subjects of person who plays occasionally and not to people who have more than 1100 hours of games…
frankly the short game has its losses if this continues…

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