Horrendous customer service experience

So I was just forcibly closed out of a conversation with a customer support rep after waiting in line for over an hour.

The conversation went as follows:

  1. You are now connected to Jose from Amazon.com.
    Me [12:52:55 AM] : Issue: New World - Technical: Something Else
    Me [12:53:10 AM] : Hello
    Jose [12:53:41 AM] : Hello, my name is Jose. I’m here to help you today.
    Me [12:54:27 AM] : So I died while in game, and in the process of loading back to a town, the game refused to load the town in. So I restarted.
    Me [12:54:58 AM] : Now I cant get back in due to an error that reads “Timed out while waiting for the server to spawn the player”
    Jose [12:56:37 AM] : 1.Use the ESC Key
    Jose [12:56:37 AM] : 2.Choose the option that says Submit Feedback
    Jose [12:56:37 AM] : 3.Detail the issue or the bug that you have in this situation
    Jose [12:56:37 AM] : 4.Submit it
    Jose [12:56:49 AM] : in this case you need to make this ticket inside the game
    Me [12:57:25 AM] : I cant get inside the game to make a ticket.
    Me [12:57:33 AM] : Thats the entire issue.
    Me [12:57:59 AM] : If I could get into the game, the issue would be solved
    Jose [1:00:02 AM] : in this case try to do this one
    Me [1:00:35 AM] : Huh?
    Jose [1:00:47 AM] : Pleae try this trouble shooting for this error
    Jose [1:00:47 AM] : 1-From the Start/Windows Menu, select Settings.
    Jose [1:00:47 AM] : 2-Select Network and Internet.
    Jose [1:00:47 AM] : 3-In the Status section, under Change your network settings, select Change adapter options.
    Jose [1:00:47 AM] : 4-When the Network Connections window opens, right-click your network connection.
    Jose [1:00:47 AM] : 5-Select Properties.
    Jose [1:00:47 AM] : 6. Scroll to Internet Protocol version 6. 6-Uncheck the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) box.
    Jose [1:00:47 AM] : 7-Select OK to save your changes for the selected network adapter.
    Jose [1:00:47 AM] : 8-Try launching the game again. A PC restart may be necessary.
    Me [1:02:28 AM] : The issue is not my network. The issue is with the server itself. It is reading my character as still logged in in game, and is preventing me from loading in.
    Me [1:02:54 AM] : I have tried all of the solutions that you’re copy/pasting from your troubleshooting FAQ/script.
    Jose [1:05:02 AM] : in this case that the only information that i have for you regarding this issue we have troubles with the servers right now and we are try to solve that as son as posible
    Jose [1:05:13 AM] : so you need to wait the server its on again
    Me [1:05:35 AM] : Is there someone else I can speak with?
    Jose [1:06:23 AM] : no im the last person here in this channel so i gave you the all information i have on my resources
    Me [1:07:47 AM] : You’re telling me that in the entirety of Amazon, a company composed of hundreds of thousands of people, you are the only person answering tickets? I would like a supervisor.
    Jose [1:08:31 AM] : thats right
    Jose [1:08:43 AM] : i am my own supervisor
    Jose [1:09:20 AM] : and i told you need to wait the servers will be on and working normally
    Jose [1:09:32 AM] : thats the only option in this case
    Me [1:09:41 AM] : The server IS on. I cant get into the thing.
    Jose has left the conversation.

So first off, what the actual fuck? Basically, the dude said he was his own supervisor, and I was told to basically just shut up and take it? And on top of that, he just decided that he was done with the conversation and left?

Just wait 20 mins and you should be kicked for AFK.

Its been just over an hour and a half.

Anyone else remember when the Kindle and Kindle 2 launched, and there was an ACTUAL PHONE NUMBER you could call for support? It’s been a long way down from there. (Then again my Kindle 2 was $359… plus cover and tax.)

No joke. I feel like these were canned responses from a script, and when I asked for more, I just got a “lolnope”.

Might not be the same one, but I spoke with a Jose yesterday as well and it went about the same as yours. He told me to submit an in game feedback ticket and then disconnected from chat. It was around this time as well lol. If you’re still stuck during NA daytime hours, try again. I talked with someone more useful today than last night, my particular issue wasn’t resolved but they at least tried some stuff and acquired my account info to look into my character.

I for sure get that they’re stressed, and the launch kinda caught em flat footed, but the dude was just outright rude. It take a lot to irritate me, but when you write off someone as dumb because they wont re-do something that could restart their computer (hello, back in 60 minute support que), it gets under my skin. Not all of us are 14 year olds on mom and dad’s computer.

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