Horrible Customer Service

While trying to deal with an incorrect ban - that has been acknowledged as an incorrect ban - the “customer service” rep threatened to also ban my partner. This service made me consider not playing this game.


I mean if you are banned and say your friend was a part of it too, it sounds like you want him banned too.


This was on a different issue - not had anything to do with the ban

This post is taken out of the context. You have to post a full conversation if you want us to comment on this, otherwise I see 4 lines taken out of context.

I think you ban is deserved according to these 4 lines.


The full conversation is about 10 pages long. Basically, we traded voidbent - legitimately, and one of us was banned for “cheating”. The trade was - I was given mats, made the armor, traded the armor back, issues trading, finally traded armor - ban to the receiver 10 mins later.

This was a threat to ban my partners account after bringing up a different issue about a sickle being lost in a trade in winds during peak time.

In my opinion, at no point is this reply appropriate when an issue is being brought up.

Further, both these issues are known by Amazon. One ticket was placed over a week ago with no reply (for the sickle) the other was placed nearly 24 hours ago with no reply (for the ban).

I’m not seeing any threat of banning in the screenshot provided.

seems to me that’s just the way you took it.

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