Hot fix the shield and attribute stacking or disable wars

we lost a war yesterday due to shield bug and gravity x3 explosion

Yeah that was kinda my point, GA and healers design seemed bugged to me.

Who knows what AGS intend or not.

But yes I get the SnS/BB thing as well. Been like this for a few weeks.

Don’t worry when their precious companies complain they may do something.

To compare how much impact the shield has on the bow.

So if it does 9000 on a dummy without shield and 10000 with shield you know it’s 10% more.

i ran a opr with musket sns I had 300 dex 300 int and 200 con the shield gave me keenly empowered and chain fire on my musket + the perks my musket already had needless to say I was unstoppable

this is the worst state pvp has ever been, dev team this needs a fix asap wars should be disabled
you guys were on a roll with patches coming out with quality idk what happened with this one I’m a IT I code I know stuff is not easy but that’s not an excuse if a patch is not ready don’t put it out take your time and communicate it with the players. at this point just revert to the old patch this one needs more work
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Game is probably in the worst state its been since immortality bug and path of destiny spam. Insatiable grav well, shield, and the way to attribute stack (Dont want to publicly say how to do it) should all be disabled ASAP so they dont break the game until they are fixed


fully agree

Total silence from AGS since patch on Monday at 5ham US.West. I’m not sure what is expected atm. I feel everyone who have unlimited shards should abuse the attribute exploit till they disable or hotfix anything. Somehow they said they had a hotfix getting tested Monday…still waiting

I wouldn’t. AGS has made it clear that they don’t care about trashing an item in order to fix it. I could easily see them just running a backend script to delete all of these.

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I still have that cursed FireStaff that gives 30int+30foc for months now, so they don’t fix things as we expect them.


They need to disable wars if they cant hot fix it

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I’m confused…

How are you getting 800 points?

there a bug that lets you stack them I don’t want to say how its done nor recommend doing I was just testing it


There’s a different, more powerful bug in play there.

You know its a shit show problem when there is zero communication for days.

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so have you reported it in bug thread atleast?

ive dm the devs screen shots and a video

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I still don’t understand how they pushed a patch with that much BUGS on a MONDAY morning at 5ham US.West ( where their office based). Without any previous testing or anything. I still can’t get my head around so bad management with their previous patch with bugs / else. Also, WHY hotfix tempest but can’t hotfix anything useful in game lol

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It’s been on bug reports since patch came out

Unsurprisingly they didn’t disable wars, these exploits are widely known and somehow people were 2 shotting my heavy bruiser tonight. Repeatedly.

Are we gonna get a make good payment for our lost towns 2-3 months later? Is that the best we can hope for?

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