Hours of pushing wasted

I was in the most intense OPR camelot. 970-900. They baron capped us a bit ago but we held 2 points. It was going down to the wire and the server crashed due to maintenance.

I thought updates were always shown in advance? People were very disappointed. Sorry for your war.


Yep. Was a really good match and kicked…a real bummer.


This is about the time invested, not the gold spent. Camelot is not the large server it once was, pushes like this take a lot of effort and time from not that many people. Last time this happened, 15k was refunded, but nothing more. That push took over 8 hours for people to complete.

You purposely run updates during times where people have siege timers. We shouldn’t have to organize as companies to schedule pushes around your potential patch windows. You shouldn’t even have it as an option.

Question: How many companies have a 2-3AM siege window? What about 5 AM? Schedule the patches for those times, if the patch overlaps with a siege window then, delay the patch on the individual server, move the war back a day, do SOMETHING besides NOTHING.


It’s like they don’t respect your time, huh?


This is another reason why I want wars to be open 24/7… pushing influence and capturing forts really doesn’t hit the spot… There should be a separate zone where it’s just open 24/7 for everyone who wants to participate.

War shouldn’t be “Hey guys we hate you A LOT, but how does this time sound for an invasion? oh that doesn’t work for you? how about this time?” no… it’s WAR, you’re supposed to just go and thrash about the lands.

DAoC man… they did it THE best when it comes to wars, sieging, defending.


AGS obviously knows about this issue and clearly they either (1) don’t care or (2) are siding with the territory owners to choose the war time, even though it is an easy “exploit” to overlap it with an upcoming update. It’s not like people don’t know it’s coming, e.g., [Wartungsarbeiten] Patch 1.5.5 - Official News / Offizielle Neuigkeiten - New World Forums

Why would the territory owner agree to this? It’s a easy “exploit” to avoid one war every week.

Just delete the whole player-controlled settlement mechanic. It has no end of issues, loopholes, and exploits.
Removing player control over settlements means you don’t have a handful of players deciding when a war can happen and you don’t need AGS limiting the number of wars that can be declared.

Better PvP by completely separating player influence over Settlements - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - New World Forums

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Please can you stop letting them do this :frowning: it maky me angy and sad.
I want the Deep Forest Park Rangers to win the Bear Infested Deep Forest of Brightwood tonight.
But the lords of the simulation will not allow it, please gods change this!!!


Boosting hoping a community manager sees and responds

Very disheartening that we have to plan wars around those who put their siege windows at the same time an update goes in. Agree, it is not about the gold but the time wasted pushing a territory into conflict for this to happen. Not to mention we usually go into the war with consumes popped on the off chance the server doesnt go down. Please make it right!

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my company just didnt push on patch days for similar reasons

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This is the second time against the SAME COMPANY that this has happened on this server in the past month. At the very least, you should schedule patches AFTER the last available siege window.

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No response from Devs :frowning: I will keep everyone updated on what happens tonight

Any server with downtime during war should have that downtime pushed back until the war ends, there’s no reason to shut down the main PvP of the game (that takes multiple people pushing for multiple hours just to trigger) for minor hotfixes. Have some respect for your players’ time.

We won Windsward on Mag Mell when colorblind left during a downtime…
the downtime was scheduled for the siege time but they didn’t do downtime until immediately after the windsward war had ended…

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^^^^ exactly

And that’s yet another war cancelled due to unannounced downtime. Thanks AGS


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RIPPPPPP no answer from anyone and the war ended at the start. Hours of time wasted. Maybe fix this mechanic cause this is just silly.

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Imagine pushing for a company and dont get slotted for a war.

Huh? Don’t think you read to OP correct lol