House Decor System

Most of your score is from territory rank not the items you place in side your house
But its appear to be based on territory rank earn that week, not total territory rank.

So you could earn 70 levels of territory rank and have 300 points of decor and have a total score of 200k decor, but next week, if you earn zero territory rank that week, your house decor score will almost drop to zero

This means a low level who earns a few levels in territory rank will have higher decor then a L60 with 300 (max) territory rank cause they can not earn any more.

Can the score be changed to be based on TOTAL rank, not just rank earn that week.


I completely agree with this, it’s a bit ridiculous. My house is very tastefully decorated, and I literally just went from 159,000 points down to 15,000 points overnight… mainly because of doing my crafting/etc in another town due to not having the levels of crafting stations needed.

I could certainly understand dropping in rank if my housing taxes weren’t paid, which is the first thing I checked but I can’t even pre-pay my housing taxes for another day and they’re not due for another 3 days. The fact that I haven’t done as much in THAT zone and area, if indeed that was the contributing factor to losing over 144k points overnight, is absolutely insanely shameful.

Not just for my house, but the fact the houses on display are ones that have nothing in them except for a couple of chests, a bed, a rug and some trophies… you get my point.

Couldn’t agree more Natjur.

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Houses with ash furniture and a few chests scattered in front of the door for storage access shouldn’t be getting 200k points.

The most that territory standing should be giving you is more slots for furniture to be added.


So remove the ‘bonus’ from territory rank and have it always just 100% from your items place score (T4 items add 20, with a max item count of 200 to 250 items)

Max score will be like 10,000?

House dropped from 200k to 30k

Really wish the dev’s would confirm exactly how the score is worked out.

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