House gone since second week, still no fix how hard can it be..?

In the second week of launch after a long farm run i had the money to buy my first ‘big’ house. It cost 10k in windsward and i put lots of furniture and chests in it. After using the teleport function i walked out of the house and it was gone. I didn’t notice untill i saw that my storage was overencumbered. It was just gone. Like i never owned it at all, except the money was gone and the first purchase bonus was gone too. I owned the house for about 3 days.

I immediatly made a ticket and got to a chat with an employee. In that chat he told me they are aware of it and it would take 48-72 hours to fix probably. He send my information to the development team and i would get a response soon.

A week went by and there was still no response and still no house or money in my account. I kept playing farming materials and leveling furnituring. I was contantly out of azoth and getting money was hard while leveling my crafting (for the guild) but it was okay. I had to run everywhere because i didn’t get the teleport and my storage was constantly full so i had to run to all other cities to drop off materials.

Another week and i send another chat, my problems were known and they were going to fix it soon. Another week later i got frustrated and angry. It was taking all the fun out of the game for me. Having furnituring at 150 and having trophies was probably needed to get the max rare materials to craft legendary gear. I have chatted 3 times, send countless tickets, responded on countless forum posts and made a reddit threat. This is my last attempt to get heard.

You ruined the game by not fixing the issues for the remaining players that actually want to invest in this game. You made false promises time after time after time. If you just send me 20k the first week i could’ve just bought the house and everything would be fine. But it has taken so many weeks that i’m totally burned out by the game. For the love of god fix the damn problem and give me my house or my money. At this point ill even take my euro’s back and want to forget that this game ever existed.

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