House is bugged after server rollback

I bought a house yesterday during the rollback phase in weavers fen. After joining the server today the game told me it resetted my house but now i can’t place anything in that house and all my already placed furniture is invisible/lost.

Same here, lost all my items and now I cant place anything…

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Thanks for explain and sorry to hear that after the Rollback your house in game only allow you to “Recall” and every previous furniture in your rooms are now invisible or inaccessible. Your feedback is always of great value and we need it to keep improving in all this aspects.

For this case i will request your to contact Amazon Games Support, so we’ll be able to provide better attention, with access to your account information is easier to follow all the troubleshooting steps or proceed to generate a Ticket for your problem!!

Please follow this link to contact AGS:

@wannes.reynaert, if can contact AGS to address this bug we highly appreciated, every report count as feedback to fix any issue more effectively and allow us to prioritize it.

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So will we be getting all our furniture back too or can we just re-purchase the shell and the rest is lost?

And does this mean we have to pay the full price again as well or something? Wtf did we do to deserve that.


Id like to know this too.

As for me i had several issues with my first house.

The lil green house thats 5k in cutlass keys,
Bought in first few days of release.

When they issued the housing compensation i never got the 2k gold compensation.

Instead what i got was broken pop up with broken script text in it.

I waited and waited never got compensated then i got plagued with char can not transfer due to items in tp.

After the happened all items in my house disappeared including trophies I had around 21000 housing points. And it sad 6 when i went to my house.

I was told abandoning my house would allow me to transfer so i did this. Nope still got stuck with can not transfer bug.

So I lost my house trophies, furniture, 50 percent off discount and never received the 2000 gold housing compensation from broken taxes bug.

TL;DR will this patch restore my house in cutlass? Or will i have to buy another?

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Also does this mean we can actually PLACE FURNITURE IN OUR HOUSES AGAIN? Or did you mearly allow people to do repurchases of already lost houses? It feels like you guys don’t understand that if you release a patch on housing/furniture it should fix all the current bugs regarding it? I guess we will see in 2 hours if I will finally be able to place a trophy…something I havent been able to do for the last month and a half.

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Still not fixed with the houses. Cant repurchasw, no sign of trophies and furniture

Are you joking? You must be joking.

D33149567 this is my ticket number, there are many just like it :slight_smile:

Do you intentionally keep offering to escalate it or ask for the details repeatedly, to try and slow down the process? Or do you not have that awareness yet.

@Lazer New World 2021 12 09 10 28 19 06 - YouTube

e172b5bb-a9f6-4ec5-86ca-8e0e163b3182 - Ticket with all info…

Today’s patch has restored the house I lost but I can’t actually place any trophies, chests, or furniture in it. Just says ‘too many items of this type’ even though the house is empty. Guessing that’s what you’re getting?

Can anyone confirm if they have the same bug as me video here: New World 2021 12 09 10 28 19 06 - YouTube

If I abandon this house… and purchase another house in Everfall can I then place furniture? At this point I cant be arsed or trust that AGS will fix this, I’d rather just cough up the money to replace all my trophies and purchase another house and fix it myself. I don’t want to abandon house and pay all that money if it isn’t going to fix the issue though.

Ok so i fixed the bug by abandoning and rebuying the house… this cost me 20k and I still don’t have any of the trophies or chests so i had to rebuy them all.

Super unhappy that I’ve lost over 100k+ to fix a bug AGS incapable of fixing…


Ouch. I’ve got the same issue but didn’t have much furniture anyway. I’m still going to wait it out though and see if they fix it rather than buy the house again. Hopefully you get your stuff back at some point.

I highly doubt it, but atleast i can now play the game… honestly id rather waste 100k and be able to enjoy the game for what it is… but it would be nice to get it back

I hope this won’t be the “fix”… I don’t have that much coins so this would be frustrating… i have to wait for another patch

Exactly. I’ve been getting this exact error message when trying to place any furniture/trophies for almost 2 months now…

I had the same problem as you but I did not lose any trophies. I could not place any items in an empty house though.

Thanks for confirming my thoughts as I had asked this of mods and they never confirmed if this was a fix.

I re bought the house today for 5K and it’s fixed.

Wasted 2 weeks of rent and not having trophies but at least it’s fixed now.

AGS and @Kagami you guys can simply pay me back 5K when you can as you had ample time to fix this bug and I’ve provided all info asked with no results after 2 weeks.


Solution abandon your house and re buy it. If you can afford to do so.


I did this and took these pictures today.

Yeah i’ve kept a video diary of all the bugs I’ve had with the house the past 6 weeks and submitted them all to AGS, I highly doubt I’ll see all the trophies / chests / payments for new houses, but atleast I can kind of play the game as its designed now and have teleports to my houses + storage in my towns + craft.

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Hey man thanks for taking the plunge and trying it!

I saw other people saying re buying it was not working but your result gave me the confidence to try re buy it.

I’ve reported and sent them a bunch of evidence for a while now. I’m just glad it’s fixed.

Like you said. I just wanted to use the house I paid for. It would be nice to get my money back but I didn’t lose as much as you.

I hope you get compensated for that but it may take a while.

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