House Item Trading

When can we start buying and trading decoration and storage chest again? Getting real annoying going on chest runs and having my inventory start filling up with furniture i can’t do anything about. This issue should have been solved by now.

The most recent update. Not sure if you all forgot.


We really really need this back.
I applaud all of the communication that you have done thus far, but please give us some update on this.

First off, furniture is the worst to level, and I worked on leveling it along with three others - it just takes so many times more.

We have a tribemate who took one for the team, and is working to get to 200 in furnishing. As a company we combined our coin and purchased at a very expensive cost, a star metal brace chest schematic. This is an item that greatly is needed by all of us so that we can have more storage in our homes. However before any of us could provide the materials and him craft it, this change to not allow housing items to be traded came about.

Therefore we are out of coin we are out of storage and we have no knowledge if this will ever be allowed in the future.

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Same. I have had a company mate craft a chest for me that he has had to hold on to for days now.
We would like an update on when we can expect furniture enabled again

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I’ve gathered everything i needed to be able to obtain the major armoring trophies but i’m not able to receive them back from my furnituring guildie because he cant trade them

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Bump, we need an update on this asap… they just went radio silent on the issue. I’m sure they have a lot on their hands with the new patch causing tons of new issue, but let’s not forget old issues…


I would really like to see an update for this issue as well. Been holding on to 2 ancient texts I was excited to have made into trophies for over a week now.

In the meantime I been painfully grinding Furniture (since you can still salvage) trying to get to 150.


yeah you can salvage and store crafted items now. But if you pick up premade furniture out in the world you can’t store or drop it now… The only way to get rid of this “garbage loot” is to place it in a house. Otherwise your screwed carrying extra weight around.

Yeah you should see my primary house. It’s littered with odds and ends of dirty dishes and paper notes.

Oh well, 141/150 Furniture (just another 8 or so full load of Lumber and begging global for weak solvent) and I’ll be able to just make my trophies and can go back to waiting for furniture to be unlocked again

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Yes. Really want at least an update about this.
Been leveling my furnishing like crazy, it takes a ridiculous amount of time (and materials) to be able to fix my guildies up with starmetal-chests (and honestly maybe try to sell some, the sandpaper/Flux needed to level ate almost all my money).
Also, running around with expensive furniture and chests that I really don’t want to salvage, but I’m getting seriously heavy… :confused:

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This is definitely not a fun bug. Odds and ends in inventory - can’t sell, can’t store them. The only ‘work around’ is placing them in your house and picking up so that they’ll migrate to storage. Really lame.

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AGS devs: please just send us an indication of what the plan is on furnishing even if you don’t have a timeline!


Please tell me that AGS is not planning to go home for the long holiday weekend with out giving a single drop of information on the issues that are most effecting the vast majority of your player base?

  1. Furniture trading
  2. Wolves/Bears/Deer farming for resources/exp
  3. Missing Harvester gear ( I can’t believe this wasn’t fixed the day it happened tbh )
  4. Anything else I’ve missed.

We are going to see even more people quit the game if AGS does not make some kind of statement about these issues prior to taking off for their holiday time. If you guys all still want to have a job and a game community to come back too after the holiday I highly suggest giving a very detailed update on the biggest issues effecting the game.


2: [Notice] Update 1.1 Stability Issues

3: Harvesting Gear Disappeared!

4: seriously?

You are correct they made a post 4 days ago giving us bare bones information on these issues.

What people are looking for is where they are currently at in the progression of getting them fixed.

Yes in 4 days they should have made some kind of progress on this. Also before you say they don’t have time to sit around on forums to keep people updated, they in fact pay people to do just that.

Yeah look guys Im sure they’re working on furniture in some capacity at the moment but they have made it clear that server stability is the #1 priotity right now and rightly so. I know its frustrating, I think we’re all over it at this point but it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Anyone know why we can no longer trade furniture? I tried to find out but I must be blind because I can’t find anything about it.

That’s because it never was officially announced.

Link to when they disabled trading to stop profiting from exploits while they fixed: [Notice - November 15] Temporarily Disabling Wealth Transfers

They then enabled trading again, except for housing items.

They then enabled us to place down housing items, but still cannot trade them.

… And radio silence on it since. While this is disappointing to me that they haven’t addressed the plans for it, I think they have much bigger issues to deal with. Like, it sounds like some servers are seriously having issues :flushed:

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Thanks for the response. I suppose they disabled only furniture trading because of trophies. If that’s the case I wish they would only disable trophies.

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