House items missing

Caramel Latte
NAE- Oceana
My house is empty, all items are gone, there aren’t in storage or anything, lost all items
Because i lost all my items in my house including trophies
no i was not able to recover from the issue

im in the same boat didnt pay taxes till after the update and lost all my items.

Same Here, my char name is “Zoro way” and I’m playing on Eu Bifrost. I have the same house in Winsward, everything is gone, trophies, furniture, my DOG, and my cursed chest, everything! I hope they will fix that soon.

Hi @CaramelLatte! We are really sorry about this issue, our team is aware of this and working to fix it asap, I already created a ticket with your character and world name, same with you @wardkni, hope they can help you soon!

@audryfreeman67 I’m sorry to hear that, can you please share your character name so I can add it to the ticket?

@ModeratorZ Thank you

I got everything back, thank you all for help

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@ModeratorZ Qosmi is my characters name and this happened to me as well. Eden is the world my house is in.

all good now

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Loekin Goodlewis
Uku Pacha

My house in Brightwood is missing all items.

5 trophies and a chest.

Edit: In case it helps, I can recall to the house, but it’s empty. If I walk into the house normally, it is not my house, it is “Empty House.” I can choose the house menu and choose my house, and it’s mine again… but still missing everything that was in it.

The house I bought from everfall is no longer visible. My things are visible when I look from the outside . My belongings are not visible when I enter the house.

Which territory is your house in?


When did you purchase your house?

it’s been two weeks

When did you purchase your house?


When was the last time you were able to enter your house?

disappeared when i exited the game

When did you notice that you lost your house?

yes,disappeared when i relog

Did you log off between entering your house for the last time and losing their house?

days after maintenance i think i had this problem

Just Lost all my Furniture and Trophies in 3 houses, WW, Ebonscale, and Bright Wood. Not in my storage either, In game Name is Captain Hooking im on NAE Server Pyrallis. if you can make ticket for this for me it would be greatly appreciated! thanks

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same problems i have

Done. Hope they help you soon!

Could you add my name and world to the ticket aswell? Server: Barri Character: Pumpils. I lost all my furniture and storage chest as a result of a bugged out house in Windsward. I had the house restored to me but now I am unable to place anything inside and the previous items are gone.

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Greetings travelers, thank you for joining to the forum for all those who is their first comment!

Let me thank you all for bringing this to us and for making the call out, getting the reports help our dev team a bit to get more feedback and also visibility of the impact of the issue.

As soon as the dev team have news or the fix about this, they will inform our players.

See you in Aeternum!


Character name: Aamirahh

Logged in after a couple of weeks away to discover my entire house has been completely emptied, not a stitch of furniture/trophies/storage and it’s not in my inventory either. Spoke to Amazon games online chat who asked me to log out and validate my game files which I did and it was still empty. He then directed me here for help.

Issue discovered: 12/20/21 at 22.45pm

World: Suddene

Area: Monarchs Bluff

Greetings @Aamirah !

Welcome to the forums! Glad to see you around. I am sorry for this issue that you are facing by discovering that your furniture/trophies/storage are missing. Our dev team is still investigating and working on this issue, and thank you very much for letting us know so we can add you to the master case, sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

See you in Aeternum!


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Hey, My household items are not showing. All my stuff including lost trophies.

Character Name: Raggax
World: Eu Central
Server: Hellheim
House: Reekwater (5.000 Gold)

Greetings @Raggabon !

Thank you very much for adding your report and sorry that you are also facing this missing thropies issue. I also added your info to the master ticket, we will be looking forward for a response from our dev team.

See you in Aeternum!